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Sub 10 min miles becoming the norm

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Today I ran the fifth or sixth sub 10 min mile pace run in a row. I am starting to feel like it is the norm for me and that I need to set another goal for myself. Perhaps I should shoot for 9:45s as a goal instead of the uncannily consistent 9:57 with an occasional 9:56. I have been really surprised at how steady my pace has been, seriously with the exception of a 9:42 all of these runs in the streak have been 9:57 or super close. My run today managed to get completed before the rains returned which despite my love of running in the rain was really nice.

I ordered a new pair of Altras the other day and I was super excited when my new pair of Repetitions arrived. A couple of disappointments some no big deal and others easily repairable. First off I went with the Repetitions as they were a new model that offered up more cushioning (yet still zero drop) something I really want in my current worn out pair of Instincts. When I opened the box I though their bust of been a mistake as I ordered running shoes and not boats. They were huge with a gigantic looking sole. But not a big deal, I don’t really care about looks when it comes to my running shoes. As I said to a friend (who replied I said the same thing to a coworker the other day) Altra really could use some of Nike’s designers on staff. The second disappointment was in addition to the boat-like stature of the shoe they were also huge, like at least a size if not more large. This went against everything I read in peoples comments which generally complained about the new Altras running small. But easily repairable, free returns at Zappos. I only went a half size smaller as I think my pair may have been mistakenly sized at 13 (more like a 15). So my 12.5s should arrive by tomorrow, hopefully they do the trick.

I also need to get some new running shirts. I haven’t bought any new ones since my favorite Brand InSport went out of business. Plus I am feeling cheap and the shoes were more than enough of an expenditure.

After my run I did my normal set of hip stretches and thought to myself that this has really solved the hip issues I was having last fall. I have been pretty consistent about doing them and they have worked well into my regular after run routine. Initially I blamed the issues I was having on the zero-drop shoes and the way my shorter leg (>.5 inch shorter on the right side) was striking. I was greatly disappointed as I really liked the zero-drop running thing and it worked really well with mu mid-strike. I am really glad to have them! I can’t find the page I found these on, but I think I speak of them on another post I did on my hips…