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Five miles in the snow

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Well that sounds like a story to tell my grandchildren…Actually it was more like five minutes of the occasional flake, but I think it counted for running in the snow, at least it sounds dramatic. My run started out on a cold sunny day and quickly turned into a cold snowy day, which quickly turned back into a cold sunny day. I have been having some trouble with timing my runs. I am ready to go in the morning but it is too cold and I want to wait till the afternoon, but then I find excuses to blow it off. Or I end up eating and that gets in the way. Today a full belly threatened, but I ran anyway. I felt pretty sluggish the whole time, but I ended up doing better than 10 min miles. This was the second run since taking a week off and it felt pretty good. My breathing was a bit rough, but that is to be expected. Muscle-wise I felt fine but today I face the same scheduling issues. Its is 28 out and the temp threatens to get over 50by this afternoon. If I can just hold out…

The perfect snow run

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

As I was going to bed I made the decision to run this morning. I knew we were expecting snow, but it was unclear when it would hit. So I figured I would see what the weather was like when I got up. When the alarm went off I took a peak out the window before making my final commitment. Everything was clear, though it was very cloudy. Those low thick clouds that make mornings look red. But it wasn’t enough to keep me from turning on the coffee pot and pulling on my tights. Off I went.

It was cold out, actually really cold. But not bad enough to make me turn back and no flakes at all. About a half mile into my run, that changed. At first very slowly and gently, but soon it picked up and was coming down pretty good. I stuck to the roads as I had more traction there and continued on.

As I ran on it kept coming down, beautiful and quiet. It was a great run because of the snow and I never had enough that stuck to where it was slippery. It was the perfect snow run and I loved every minute of it. I saw a few others out there who were loving it as well, or at least I thought they were. As I crossed the canyon it was so cold that the snow was piling up on the water, I think the fact we had no winf helped out with that also.

Tomorrow will be a wet run, if I decide to do it. We’ll see.

Seven in the slush

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I could take it no longer. Two weeks without running. Two weeks reading a running book and getting inspired. Two weeks taking creatine and feeling stronger. Two weeks without running, did I already say that? The great thaw of 2008 is in full effect, but there is still a ton of slush in the roads. I waffled quite a bit as to whether or not I wanted to go out. I finally decided to take Ruthann’s advice and head for the track. But on the way I noticed that the roads had a least some clear ruts so I veered onto my usual base run path.

Despite needing to go a little slow and having to weave back and forth between ruts and not to mention the lady not paying attention who jumped into my path with a big snow shovel, the run went great. I was a little full from lunch when I started out, but I soon warmed up into a comfortable run. I even kept my feet moderately dry until I was about a mile from home when a foot deep puddle ended that. The run was pretty warm and I found myself stripping down (well taking off my heavy running shirt layer anyway.)

I am so glad to be back on the roads, roads that aren’t piled with feet of snow.

More snow, no go

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

This being the most snow I have ever seen in Portland, my running shoes are beginning to collect dust. I braved the drifts yesterday and walked to the store. On the way I saw someone actually running (or trying to anyway). I was equally impressed and irritated. She really shouldn’t have been out there. She ran in the roads to avoid the snow drifts and even though there weren’t many cars, there were still a couple. And those that were out had little or no control of there driving. But props to her for making the attempt as dangerous as it was.

The hardest part of the walk was that each step would land funny in the snow and twist my ankle. It was also tough on the knees. By the time I made it home with my groceries I was exhausted and felt like I had gone on a good run. Part of that was my gigantic boots I wore, they each way a ton. It was like running with ankle weights.

The cross-training snow shoveling has been the biggest boon of our snow. I have never gotten such a good workout on my shoulders.

Here are some more.

More snow

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Well it just keeps coming down here in Portland. I went to my GP for a check-in yesterday and walked to his office. Most of the snow had melted at that point, but the surface was extremely slick. In a couple of hours it had melted enough that I really could have gone for a run, but then again there were a ton of slick spots so I am sure I was better off watching TV! The news was saying we should get another 6 inches today starting at noon, but it is 10 right now and we already have 2 on the ground. This is to be followed by freezing rain until Wednesday when we are supposed to warm up, so crazy slickness everywhere.