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Hard run after week off

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Not that it is surprising after my increase in miles, but I took a break for a week. Actually it had more to do with the cold wet weather w have had, but my tired body wasn’t arguing. Certainly wasn’t screaming for me to get out in that rain and run! I felt bad for our dog who has been my running partner for the last couple weeks. She gets to go out with me for the first mile and then gets dropped off at home. She loves it! It was funny yesterday near the end of our run she was getting pooped and started to lag behind. Then we cam upon a woman walking her two dogs and Fig perked up to show off darting ahead of me to set the pace. Funny pooch.

I am about 90% certain that I won’t run the full marathon in Vancouver this summer. My feet have really been aching with the increase in miles and I don’t think I want to put up with the training pain just to run the race. Also my pace has been so slow that I don’t feel inspired to really push it. That said I want to keep up with the training (gotta fit into my new jeans and all!) and we’ll see what happens. There is a mara in San Fransisco that I have always wanted to do later in the summer and perhaps that will become my goal. After all I have been threatening to do my solo trip/mara for awhile now, this would be as good a chance as any. It is supposed to be really beautiful. I think I will at least try to do the half in Vancouver, I know I can handle that for sure.

My ever present problems with pain/numbness in my feet are bugging me. A woman who is a naturopathic practitioner said I should breathe in Chi through the top of my head and exhale out the bottoms on my feet, then reverse the process. Supposed to make me feel more grounded which dovetails nicely with the natural running I have been experimenting with. I have tried it a bit, but not enough to really do anything. I have also been focusing on my balance and the position of my feet when stretching to make sure they are flat on the ground. The connection with the earth seems to help a bit there.

Well I have a nice break of sun out right now, so I think I will run a couple of errands that I have. Who knows when it will be sunny again in Portland!

Base run, second day in a row

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I am definitely getting my base shape back after my 2 week layoff, feels good. I don’t know if it was that my lungs weren’t congested this morning (surprising considering the neighbors late night bonfire that filled out house with smoke) and I felt pretty awake after the alarm went off (again surprising considering the late night bonfire topped off with blaring heavy metal, ahh yes SE Portland. It amazes me sometimes how progressive this town is considered and considers itself when we essentially have the Ozarks in spirit right here in the inner city. I saw a “Nobama” sticker on a huge pick-up down the street from me…)

But back to running. After my two long runs I noticed that mu feet really hurt. Ok, ok yeah, two really long runs after a 2-week layoff from running, of course my feet hurt. Throw in that I have been feeling the numb foot thing again more than normal this last month and we all say “NO DUH!” I have also had a little knee pain (very minor) that could also be attributed to overdoing it. So I bring this up not only to record it, but to consider finally switching over to my new shoes that are sitting on the shelf unworn. I want to use the ones I am currently wearing as to get the most miles out of them possible, but I am nearing the end of their life expectancy. Its really a funny thing switching over to new running shoes. On the one hand I really really want to, but on the other hand I want to squeeze the most miles I possibly can out of the old ones. Oh, what to do? I suppose I should just make the leap and be done with it. But it would be nice to save them for closer to the Eugene marathon (ideally a couple of weeks of full running for a break-in before the event.) I’ll let you know.