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New Shoes

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Ok, I finally did it and broke out the new shoes yesterday: Mizuno Wave Rider 11. I have been running withe the WR10s for three rotations, this is my first try with the new replacement model. From this first run they seem fine. They do look huge on my feet, not that I have dainty feet mind you. My size 13 sleds are pretty big as is, but these shoes seem to accentuate that fact. They seemed a bit stiffer than the 10s, but that could just be that I have gotten so used to running on the broken in ones though if I remember right, the 10s were pretty flexible right from the start. I’ll have to keep an eye on that and see if I notice anything more as I run with them.

On Saturday I ran with a friend who is training for teh Run for the Roses half-marathon. She is following a training regimen that is pretty quick, I think it is 8 weeks. I have been going on hewr long runs with her. I may end up running the RTFR instead of the Eugene marathon as it is right here in Portland and I wouldn’t have to travel, stay over and figure out that post race shower before the bus ride back. We’ll see, they are both about the same time.

We are supposed to have a week of rain, so I will need to get back into some soggy running. I didn’t go today, but I plan on getting up early and going for an early run tomorrow.

I tried the imapmyruns iphone ap again and I am thinking the problem with it is getting a strong enough GPS signal to be able to make it work properly. Oh well, just another thing I would need to lug around with me anyway. I’ll take my exaggeration watch! I think I really need to re-calculate it or just readjust it so it gives me less miles which would be more accurate. I really shouldn’t be lying to myself about how fast and far I am going. Then again, who cares? If the distance and speed I am recording is exaggerated then so what? Oh I should be accurate though if I am going to go through the trouble of doing it. It’s not like I am fooling myself into thinking I am approaching any sort of record!