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Super hydration

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Never one to do something half-assed, I took the need to hydrate properly to a new height (for me anyway). Starting on Friday I began drinking more water  and continued all day Saturday before the race. I was peeing all day very frequently. I also ate lots of water heavy fruit. I was properly hydrated and a half for the race. Apparently you can over hydrate, but I guess it is ridiculously hard to do.

So I recently got on a scale and saw 179 for the first time in a long while. Since fall I am down around 17 pounds or so most of this has come off due to the training, but I also think my green drinks had a lot to do with it as well as not eating after 7:00 (this may be the best weight loss thing I have done.) So I was feeling sort of heavy the morning of the race and I decided to weigh myself. 186! I figured well I have been eating a lot the last several days in order to fuel up and then all the hydrating. During the race I did a real good job of hydrating both with my own water and drink stations (I drank several cups of Gluekos). I celebrated with a bottle of Smart Water they were giving out at the finish.  After the half I weighed myself again – 183. I was a bit disappointed…

So today I went out for a recovery run with my running partner. We putzed along a a nice slow pace, I didn’t sweat much at all. I realized I hadn’t really had much to drink all day. But the run wasn’t hard at all, so I was fine. I decided to weigh myself again now a day past the super hydration I did for the race, my weight was down to 180! Amazing that I was able to stash 6 pounds of water for the race. I am a freakin’ camel!

Makes me think super hydrating might add too much weight, but considering how well I did in the race I think it was the way to go. My recovery has been pretty good as well. I have been a bit tired and slightly sore, but I think I drank enough to recover properly, I certainly ate enough as well.

Race for the Roses half marathon 2010

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Phew, great run for me. It was a beautiful morning and just perfect for running. I was able to leave the tights and warm top at home which was great. I ran strong through the entire thing finishing in 749th  place out of 2176 (434th out of 704 Male, 68th out of 97 in age group) but a respectable 9.01 pace which beat my super goal of 2 hours by running 1:58:07.  This beats my PR as well (well the only other time I have run a half) of 2:15 at the 2008 Seattle Marathon. I ran that one injured, I think I rolled an ankle the week before in training.

My time goal was to beat Seattle, which I didn’t think would be too hard. My super goal was 2 hours, but I seriously didn’t think I would be able to do it. I didn’t have a lot of room for error if I was going to do it, but I wanted to give it a try. I started out pretty fast but I tried hard to hold back. I didn’t run slower than a 9 minute pace until mile 4 (I claim hills) and didn’t run another slower than 9 until mile 8. At that point I was feeling pretty good as I had racked up several minutes to beat 2 hours. Miles 9 through 13 all hovered at pace, the highest was mile 11 at 9:23 (oddly one I missed on the partially functioning watch but really wanted to see for inspiration, since it was the slowest mile maybe the running gods were hiding it from me.) My average heart rate was 165 which was high, but I think right where I needed it to be. I maxed over 180 in the last 1.1 (high of 183). My HR went up over 165 first in Mile 4 on the hills and only went lower when we ran into downtown. If you want to see all the numbers, click here.

So my watch. Grrrr. Around mile 6 it got stuck on the clock or the compass mode and wouldn’t switch back. I couldn’t get it to go back to the data screens so I was running blind. It did however give me a pace report every mile, so that was something (and enough to keep me going to beat the two hour mark. This has happened before with this watch, makes me wonder if there is too much technology involved… Fortunately it did store all the data from the run, so I can check it out now. I think the most frustrating thing was I couldn’t shut it off at the finish. Several minutes later I was finally able to get it to shut off. Pretty frustrating overall experience with it.

So one more race for the spring season, the Sean’s Run 10K. Then I get to make the decision on the San Francisco Marathon. Right now I have to say I am leaning towards not doing it. The half may be the race for me after all.

Night before the Race for the Roses

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Tomorrow morning I run my earliest race. The Race for the Roses half-marathon starts at 7:00 AM sharp. I’ll be setting the alarm for 4:30 to make sure I get a cup of coffee and Lara bar in me. The electrolyte for the run is Gleukos and they passed out samples in non curbside recyclable plastic containers (I’ll take mine to the plastic recycler, but I doubt many others will. Gleukos basically acknowledges that you will just throw the soft plastic container away by trying to ease your worries and saying that they “PRE”-cycle, which I believe means they pay some money up front so you can drink your drink in an environmentally irresponsible manner and not worry about it. I am hoping this means can just throw the container in the street, I am pretty sure it does. So the point of me bringing Gleukos up in the first place was that I am going to hydrate pre-race with it and fill my water bottle up with it. Still irritated with the waste.

And the Gluekos wasn’t the only offender. The event themselves is using disposable timing chips. No longer do we have to deal with the hassle of returning them, we can just throw them away. Hurray! Again, I am thinking on the street would be a good thing. On the positive side the Convention center thanked me for riding my bike to pick up the packet. Well, actually I took mass-transit, but better than driving myself so I was with them in spirit even though I used more wheels.

Environmental destruction aside, I am ready for this race. I am fully hydrated and well rested. I have eaten a ton the last couple of days, and good foods (with the exception of a bowl of popcorn last night). I had my traditional bowl of pasta for dinner (though the benefit of pasta before a race is scientifically debatable, its a good tradition and I know I feel (possibly psychological) if I run after a good meal the evening prior.) Now the next challenge will be to get enough sleep tonight, I am going to watch a movie in bed tonight and hopefully be asleep soon after 10 (earlier if Mega Piranha turns out to be a bust, good chance of that.) I am psyched to run tomorrow.

The route runs right through downtown Portland and some surrounding areas. Hills don’t appear to be too intense. I am going to shoot for the 2 hour mark and hopefully hook up with a nine minute pace group which would put me a two minutes under 2 hours. I think that might be too fast for me, but I am gonna give it a shot and see how it goes.

I am taking three gels with me. One for pre-race, one at say 6 or 7 and another at 11 or so, I am also bringing a pack of Sharkies and some Sport Beans for the race and a Greens+ protien bar for after the race. Gluekos in the water bottle even though they say don’t rave with a drink you don’t normally train with, but I think it will be ok. I had most of a bottle today while I was picking up my packet. Go #1274!

Time left ’til spring races

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I have five weeks before the Shamrock Run 15k and nine weeks until the Race for the Roses Half Marathon. What to do with those weeks? I want to keep between 30 and 40 miles a week, but more toward the 30 end. I think this week may well be my high mileage week this spring at 39.5 miles. So If I drop off my miles I would still want to do five weekly runs. If I keep my long Sunday run to around 10 miles, that leaves me with 25 or so to split up for the other four runs.

Possible workouts:
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – 7 AeT
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 7 speed
Friday – 5 rc
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10 lsd

tempo/hill week
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – 7 tempo
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 6 rc
Friday – 6 hills
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10+ lsd

Long tempo week
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 9 tempo
Thursday – 5 rc
Friday – 6 aet
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10 lsd

I think I will start out with an AeT/speed week (since last week was hills). This way I can do a long tempo the following week and get it lined up for Shamrock Run 15K three weeks after that to be the second long tempo run.

Then four weeks after Shamrock I have the Race for the Roses Half. I could spend those weeks building up mt LSD runs to get to 13 or so and a taper.

Four weeks of possible workouts pre-half:
March 15-21 Hills & 11 lsd
March 22-28 Speed/AeT & 12 lsd
March 29 – April 4 Tempo & 13 lsd
April 5-10 Taper
April 11 Race for the Roses Half

After the half I have two weeks before the Sean’s Run 10K which is going to be tricky to plan ahead for. I think I’ll a speed/AeT workout for teh first week, then a tempo/AeT workout the week of the race. I do think the race week should be light on effort/mile overall.

I say all this and it will probably change as the races come up. I am getting excited for it. It is like an actual season for me. I am seriously thinking about a July full marathon in San Francisco. What a great cap for a racing year.