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Leg cramps

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

For the last weeks I have been dealing with weird leg cramps or they might actually be a sort of minor muscle pull. The first one I experienced last week was in my left hamstring. Next up right glute, which I am almost positive is a compensation for the strain in the left hammie. The glute really bothered me, so I gave running five days off and today I tried again. My glute felt pretty good, still a tad sore, but nothing too bad. Then going up a hill there went the dang left hamstring again! Just a quick twinge, but soon it was a full on cramp. I walked for a short while then tried running again. I am not sure what is going on, could be a lack of water but I feel like I am pretty well hydrated.

I guess I’ll give it another shot tomorrow, as long as I don’t push the speed I should be ok. It is so hard to hold off from running now that the weather is getting nicer here.

Week of running

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

I have (as usual of late) been pretty lame about writing here. My running hasn’t been all that great either, but I have been getting out there. Today’s run was a pretty boring base run. I hovered right above a 10 min mile pace for the first five miles and then cranked it up for the last mile and a half to get myself under 10. It was tough as that last portion of my base run is mostly up hill. But I cranked it out and made it. I live on the base of a Mount Scott in Portland which is great when it comes to flooding issues (even though I still have to pay for flood insurance), but not so great for running as just about every run starts out going down in elevation and ends in going up. But what am I complaining about, I am used to it…

Prior to today I hadn’t tun for three days after a monster LSD run on Saturday (also following the same up hill at the end pattern) that crushed me! It is the second week in a row that I did a Long Slow Distance run. For this one I ran down to the waterfront just outside of downtown, then met my running partner for a short run on the esplanade, and finished with a run back to my house. The run up from the waterfront has about a 600 foot elevation gain which I get to experience through a series of several hilly stretches. When I was commuting via bike to downtown I figured out a great route that broke up the hills into manageable stretches with some flat areas in between to recover. I use basically the same route when I run downtown as well. After the three main hills I reach Creston Park where I hit a plateau that my house is on. But before the plateau I have to run a couple sets of stairs in the park. When I am feeling extra ambitious I do the steps two at a time. For some reason despite being exhausted I tried the two step at a time stairs. Almost immediately my calf cramped up and I realized I was done. Unfortunately I still had another mile to go. But I decided I’d go get a slice of pizza for inspiration which after a call home to find out if any pizza was wanted there turned into a whole pie (and a ride home form the pizzeria). All together it was nearly 11 miles, the furthest run I have done this year (just eclipsing my 10.5 miler last weekend).

I also did a couple of smaller easier run this week as well. My weekly miles totals are still pretty low, but they are creeping up there. I just need to keep up the battle against the crappy weather and squeeze the runs in in between rehearsals. So far so good.

440s + heat = cramps

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I got a late start to my day today. It was really nice out, sunny and warm. I say nice (and it is) just not so much for running. We have had a very cool and wet spring which I think is perfect for running. So this was my first real warm run (an not even that warm – 74) and of course I am on schedule for a quality run. So I headed for the track. At first I was unsure what I was going to do once I got there. I decided on 440 intervals with a 220 recovery jog. I knew it was going to be a rough one so I had lots of water and forced myself to drink sips throughout. I also had a pack of sport beans and they helped a bit as well. After the first couple of them I was really feeling it. I ended up doing six altogether (actually one of them was a 550 as I had started out of my recovery early and wanted to keep on pattern.) The final two were brutal and I slowed down a bit, I still felt ok. Tired and hot, but I had energy to keep going.

After the 440s I headed home which was another 2.5 miles. I took the canyon on the way back. With all the rain we have had the canyon is bursting with vegetation. As I was heading down a corridor of 5 foot high yellow blooming plants on either side of me I noticed a big blackberry vine across the path. Never one to pass up on a junior parkour moment, I picked up speed to hurdle it. A soon as I leapt my push-off leg totally cramped up for a few seconds. I figured this had to do with the heat and my exertion. Closer to home going through the park another obstacle was in my path, this time a discard kids bike. So of course I had to hurdle it. This time as soon as I left my feet on the jump both legs cramped up. I made it over the bike, but my landing was really awkward and I had a really tough time keeping upright. I wobbled along on my painful legs and after a few moments I was back to normal. It was an odd feeling as I normally don’t have an issue with cramping when running. I really think the heat and electrolyte loss was affecting me. I probably should have been more liberal with the running candy or had some replacement drink with me other than water.

Once I made it home I gobbled a whey protein bar which I think really helps is recovery for me if I eat it soon after I stop. I also have a big glass of G2 that I am slowly drinking in order to really take advantage of absorption. I’ll live, but that was a tough one. Just one of several lately. I think it would behoove me to get up an run earlier.