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More rain, less miles

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Its really strange to me but I am starting to hate the rain. I guess I am just getting sick of it. I actually love the rain and I like running in it a lot. Part of this change in attitude may have to do with running with the dog. I get really nervous with her when she gets wet, she is just to squirmy and slippery, even with her harness (or as I call it haulter since when I pullback she halts. Plus haulter sounds sexier!) So sun is supposedly on the way, but so is mom for a week so I won’t get to run in it. I am sure I’ll have plenty of sun coming up.

I saw an ms running event advertised today, Mud Run ms Portland. It looks like a lot of fun and I was thinking seriously about doing it, But then I watched one of their videos and they have to do some pretty serious climbing, screw that! Maybe its only serious cause I am a heights wuss, Still, I’ll pass.