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Volcano run sort of

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I say sort of because I ran to Mt Tabor to meet a friend for a slow easy run. It was so dark that we decided to forego the trail run and take some laps around the lower reservoir instead. It was a good intro run for Amy and a good run for me with the run to a from the volcano and my running around waiting for my late partner. I ended up getting in 7.5 wih the last two+ miles into a stiff wind that made my pushing it to get a home a really good workout. Overall I felt a lot better about this run than my Monday romp.

My hope is to have time today to do another base run. I really want to keep going with establishing (errr, after the weather and in-laws, re-establishing) my base fitness level. Time, always an issue with running. I could have gotten up really early and gone out, but I didn’t feel like it especially with the darkness and rain we are having (I still haven’t bought those running flippers.)

On a side note, I bought an iPhone to replace my crummy old phone. I am not sure if I should take it out running with me. The guts are all solid state, so their won’t be any jiggling of parts. My main concern is the water. Apparently water damage voids the warranty. The AT&T sales guy assured me (is assured the right word, is lied to strong?) that you really had to soak the phone underwater to get it to be damaged enough to void the warranty. I don’t know, I sweat a lot when I run. SO I am looking for a solution to running with an iPhone, more to come on that.