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Solid two weeks of running, working on a third

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The previous two weeks were two good weeks for me. Despite not going over 30 miles either week I feel like I was pretty consistent about my running and I even managed to get a few quality runs in. I have been adjusting to the heat that has finally graced us with its presence in the NW. I have even done a few really hot runs right in the peak of the heat. I have been sweating a lot and even dropping several pounds which I have wanted to do. I managed my weight pretty well over the winter, at one point I crept up higher than I want to be. But I think I was relatively consistent about my running and kept myself reasonably the same. I think I crept up near 190 at one point. Now I am about 176 or so. I wouldn’t mind getting to 170 which is the weight I wanted to be at to train for the Vancouver marathon. Well considering it has passed and my feet haven’t been as cooperative, I guess I have to wait until next year. I can’t believe I haven’t done a single race this year.

This weekend I walked home from a party (about 2-3 miles) in shoes that looked a lot better than they felt. Then I followed it up by wearing the same shoes all morning and having to walk around quite a bit at a show the band did. I rode a bus home and my walk home from the stop was excruciating, much more of a hobble. When I finally got home and changed out of my clothes I noticed that my floor was sticky. I looked down and saw I was standing in blood, looked like a murder scene in there. On my little toes was a ball of skin the size of a marble (sorry for being so gross). I seriously thought I would see bone. Despite that it is the nastiest blister I have ever had. I was able to run with it under a band-aid yesterday so that was good. I think I need to find some moleskin for it. Maybe I’ll go to the store today and look. Last night I took the band-aid off to let it sort of dry out and hopefully heal. I wore a light sock and that kept it from rubbing on my sheets. I think walking around barefoot would be a good idea, but it is raining here today and I can’t do that as easily.

I don’t think I’ll run today, a day off would be good for it.