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US wins gold in Wheelchair Rugby

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I was proud to read about the US wheelchair rugby team taking the gold in Beijing the other day over Australia Here is a news story about it. My neighbor Will Groulx was the high scorer for the team with 16 goals. Great job all!

Go Will!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

As I look out my front window I see my neighbor Will packing up his rugby wheelchair to be flow to Beijing. He goes from one package to another checking to see that everything is in order. Tools, several pairs of gloves, extra wheels, reading material for the long flight and more. I am not sure how favored the USA wheelchair rugby team is, but from what Will has told me about their training and tryouts, they are ready. Will appeared (though as he says, he wasn’t a star, didn’t even have a speaking role) in the movie Murderball, a great documentary about the sport and it’s participants. Check it out!

This year the paralypics will be broadcast on one of the BBC channels and on the web at They will be showing live as well as on demand events. I can’t wait to see Will do his stuff, I am totally psyched. Here is the full Wheelchair Rugby schedule. All games are being played at the Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium:

Day 6 Friday:(12/9)
Session WR01 Start: 13:00 End: 16:15
13:00-14:15 Game 1 – Pool A – USA vs. CHN
15:00-16:15 Game 2 – Pool A – CAN vs. JPN
Session WR02 Start: 18:00
18:00-19:15 Game 3 – Pool B – AUS vs. GER
20:00-21:15 Game 4 – Pool B – GBR vs. NZL
Day 7 Saturday:(13/9)
Session WR03 Start: 13:00 End: 16:15
13:00-14:15 Game 5 – Pool A – CAN vs. CHN
15:00-16:15 Game 6 – Pool A – USA vs. JPN
Session WR04 Start: 18:00 End: 21:15
18:00-19:15 Game 7 – Pool B – AUS vs. NZL
20:00-21:15 Game 8 – Pool B – GBR vs. GER
Day 8 Sunday:(14/9)
Session WR05 Start: 13:00 End: 16:15
13:00-14:15 Game 9 – Pool A – JPN vs. CHN
15:00-16:15 Game 10 – Pool A – USA vs. CAN
Session WR06 Start: 18:00 End: 21:15
18:00-19:15 Game 11 – Pool B -AUS vs. GBR
20:00-21:15 Game 12 – Pool B -NZLvs. GER
Day 9 Monday:(15/9)
Session WR07 Start: 13:00 End: 16:15
13:00-14:15 Game 13 – 3rd Pool A vs. 4th Pool B
15:00-16:15 Game 14 -3rd Pool B vs. 4th Pool A
Session WR08 Start: 18:00 End: 21:15
18:00-19:15 Game 15 – 1st Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B
20:00-21:15 Game 16 – 1st Pool B vs. 2nd Pool A
Day 10 Tuesday:(16/9)
Session WR09 Start: 13:00 End: 16:15
13:00-14:15 Game 17 – 7/8 Placing – L13 vs L14
15:00-16:15 Game 18 – 5/6 Placing – W13 vs W14
Session WR10 Start: 18:00 End: 22:00
18:00-19:15 Game 19 – Bronze Medal – L15 vs L16
20:00-21:15 Game 20 – Gold Medal – W15 vs W16
21:35-22:00 Medal Ceremony