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Fastest run yet (well in recent days anyway…)

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Today I headed out on my typical 10k course, basically the same route I have been doing a lot lately. Since I rededicated myself to running regularly about three weeks ago I think I have run this route every time but once. One nice thing about doing your running in this manner is it really allows you to judge improvements. So my mini-goal as of late has been to speed up my times. I have been fighting a cold/flu for the last week or so but I have still been able to keep up with running albeit slow runs of greater than 10 min miles. So my mini-goal should be attainable! Not only have I increased my general fitness, but I have also beaten this bug. So on Thursday when I finally topped the 10 min mile mark for an average pace I was pretty excited and figured I was on my way. But then the next day (yesterday) I was back over 10 min miles, my excuse de jour is that I rolled my ankle in the middle of the run. The rolled ankle was not bad enough that I had to hobble home, my rubber ankle rebounded pretty quickly and I was able to walk it off. But I do think that slowed me down a bit as I was trying to be careful.

As a side note I have been experiencing what I think is probably an over-training issue with my foot. Could also have something to do with the new shoes (more than likely a combo). I have some pain on the top of my foot right in the area of the top of my shoe tongue. I really only feel it when I first get started and then it seems to go away. I loosened my laces a bit today and I think that might have actually helped but I still felt the ache for the first mile or so. It seems to be lessened if I focus on a mid-strike and more pronounced if I am hitting with ball of my foot. Hills also seem to irritate this pain a bit. But like I said after a mile or so the pain seems to be gone.

So today I struck out for run #3 in a row. What was different today? I didn’t have the ankle as an excuse, it felt fine (not even a twinge). The top of my foot still experienced pain for the first mile, but that went away as I got going. So, back to the difference (enough whining), I decided early in my run to start pushing myself. It wasn’t quite a tempo run, but I refused to let myself take it easy. My runs have been coming easier and easier which is nice, but today I pushed myself back into that point of exertion similar to how things felt when I was starting out again. I kept reminding myself to go and not take it easy. Again, this was by no means a race pace, but I felt myself working hard throughout the run. And that was the difference. These past three weeks I was just happy to be running regularly again. Today I got passed that and into a training mindset. Well not completely, but I wanted to work today and it paid off. After four miles I was pretty sure I was going to break a 10 min mile average as I was three mins up. I kept pushing and was soon four mins ahead. By the time I finished my average pace was 9:17. Pretty happy with that! Hopefully I will keep that work ethic up or at least on quality run days.

My PR for a 10k is 49:00, today I hit 10k at around 56 mins. Not to bad and plenty of room for improvement.

Overtraining and exhaustion

Friday, January 29th, 2010

After a really hard week of running last week I am feeling like I have overdone it. We have done two runs after our long run on Sunday and both of them have been slow and really rough. Both myself and my running partner were noticing this and having trouble figuring out what happened. One thought is that we have been doing so several really slow runs in an effort to keep our heart rates lower that we have forgotten what it is like to run fast. I am pretty sure it has been a symptom of over-training. One week we are kicking butt through some hard runs and feeling great, the next week we are pooped and slow as turtles. I hope she is able to recover sufficiently for the half she is doing in two weeks, I am sure she will. She has a nice easy taper week coming up.

My mistake last week was not so much a slight increase in miles (though it certainly didn’t help I am sure) but doing so many hard runs in a row. I think of the five runs I did last week, I rated four of them as “hard” runs or red runs. One LSD run up the hill for 5.5 mi. one tempo run, one speed workout and a hill repeat. Way too much despite what my enthusiasm was saying. That is what I get for reading running books, I get all pumped!

For my part I am now in the midst of taking a second day off from running which seems to be helping my overall energy level quite a bit. We are ding a 12 mile run tomorrow, so hopefully I will be rested enough for it. I think I will have no problems as the plan is to go really slow.