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ms and DHEA

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Ahh, supplements. It is impossible to get any good information. If you search for a supplement online you find plenty of positive things said, but they are all from folks peddling the stuff. Doctors all hide behind the curtain of potential lawsuits (because they would have no FDA support in court) and say things like “there is no hard evidence to support their use.” It is easy to get caught up in the talk of “miracle cures.” But usually they don’t work as advertised. Perhaps the best thing to do is to research as much as possible for negative side effects and then just listen to your body. Apparently people with ms have even lower levels of DHEA in the body.

I just started taking DHEA which is a hormone whose production in the body is lessened after your 20s. It is produced in nature from wild yams and other vegetable sources. It is used for all sorts of things from weight loss, to mood elevation, fighting fatigue, mind acuity and muscle building. I am starting out with the bare minimum of dosage, 25 mg. I have read about people taking up to 200 mg, especially those interested in building muscle. Anyway, we’ll see if I notice any change. One set of side effects I read about is “loss of hair” and “hair growth”. Sounds perfect for ms.

Back to running, I topped out at 32+ miles this week yesterday. I originally intended to run a short run, but as I got into it I decided I would extend it to a long run. Then that went so well I decided to go extra long. Then towards the end I backed off and cut it a little short. All in all a nice longish run where I didn’t end up totally burning myself out for the coming week (last Sunday I did a long run Sunday and Monday, too much).