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Still feeling sick, but a bit better

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Still feeling sick today (two days till race time!) but  think I will be able to run. I was really worried about this settling into my chest, but it seems to have decided not to go that route, so good news for now. I am going to take it easy for the next 48 hours and more than likely give it a go.

So today I decided to make the leap over to wordpress for my blog. I’ve used for a couple of years now and it was fine. I know you can do a lot more with more complex blogs (like wordpress) but I didn’t really have the need. Well blogger recently changed some thing s forcing me to migrate over to their new system. I thought, ok fine, I’ll do it. “Ok fine” until I tried to do it. The whole process kept getting stalled, finally it let me do the migration but I had to change blog names and I couldn’t host it on my personal site anymore even though I am still supposed to be able to. The migraton went on and on and I finally just decided to move the whole thing over to WordPress. The world famous five minute install took more like an hour, but I was easily able to import all of my posts and comments over to the new blog. Now I am waiting on my domain ( to make the switch and I should be good to go. I imagine some readers might get lost, but I am hoping you will all make it over to the new location. What a pain!

Still I look forward to the new system, maybe I will try to take betteradvantage of its advanced features.