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Seizure free 8.6 mile run

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

This morning I struggled to get up. My alarm even had to wake me, usually I have been getting up before the 6 AM bell tolls, but no summer sunrise could do it this morning. I had to rely on FOX radio telling me the war is going great to do it (I have my radio on FOX cause Blazer games get broadcasted though it is way past time to change that this year.)

I had taken my rebif last night, no reactions and relatively pain free. I awoke with some flu-like symptoms and headed for the medicine cabinet for some ibuprofen. My mom planted the seed that I shouldn’t take it without eating something. Even though I have never done this in the past, I am sure her advice is not only true, but would cause me to have troubles the first time I went against it. So I grabbed my coffee, a raspberry emergen-C and a cliff bar (for the ibuprofen and some energy).

My abductor on my right thigh wasn’t bothering me at all. I don’t know if it was the rest and ice I have been giving it over the last 6 days or if it was indeed a reaction to a rebif injection. Perhaps I stuck myself in a muscle instead of fat. Either way I will take the thigh feeling better.

I wasn’t sure how far I would go, I thought I would see how my leg was doing. Turned out to be pain free for the entire run, so I decided I would do the full 8.6. Hopefully the ibuprofen wasn’t making me falsely confident and pain free. I did notice so issue with my hamstrings on my left leg (the other side) as well as some slight pain around the left kneecap. When I started out I decided to focus on my footstrike. I follow Chi Running by Dan Dreyer for most of my running form. Well as often happens I get into a run and start thinking about other things, so I loose my focus. Many of the ideas behind Chi Running become second nature the more you follow them, but occasionally I have found a need to re-focus in order to reestablish good habits. This need often raises its hand after injury to get me back into proper stride. So, back to the knee. As soon as I felt the problem I refocused on my Chi footstrike and the pain went away. Many time good running form can be totally over-rated and you should instead do what comes naturally rather than try to force yourself into a new pattern. Chi running and Danny’s concepts fit really well into my running, so I have adopted most of them. I also employ a leg style that incorporates a short leg lift in order to conserve energy as well as a forward lean for free speed. I can’t remember where I read about that, but it worked for me.

So my run was seizure free for the entire thing. It was also really cool out this morning, so that may have had something to do with things. Whatever, it was a great run. I hope to be able to get out tomorrow morning, but I know I need to be back early as Ruthann is taking one of our budgies to the vet. Poor guy hasn’t been feeling well.

Abductor injury

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I haven’t been running since Wednesday as I have a new (for me) running injury, at least I think it is a running injury. I appear to have pulled my abductor muscle on my right side. The abductor is the large muscle on the inside of your thigh. I say “appear” as this is the same area I had just done my injection in which hurt to do, so maybe I got it in the muscle? I have been resting it since last week and not running. I have also iced it a little. It feels a lot better, but if it is injection related, then maybe that is healing. Either way I think I will try running tomorrow. I should do a short run but I bet I will try to push it. We’ll see.

I had a real site reaction on Friday where the injection site swelled up and hurt for about an hour. It wasn’t that big of a deal. It seems a bit odd to me that so much attention is given to site reactions. I guess it is because it is weird and unexpected and might scare someone. The reality of it (at least for me) is that it wasn’t a big deal.