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10k+2k dog run

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Today’s 10k run was half under 10 min miles, half over. Then an additional 2k with the dog. She made me pick up my pace, back to 9.5. I am thinking I should take her longer.

I keep thinking I should do some speed work, but I keep procrastinating. I think it will feel good, if I could just bring myself to do it. Maybe next week.

Back at it once again

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Today marked the end of a run free week recovering from a twisted ankle and six bee stings. It felt really good to run again, it has been disappointing not running this week, but kinda a nice break. But back to it I go. It’s funny I felt like a fair-weather Portland runner who stopped during our first rains. We’ve had the first rain of the fall this last week but I swear that isn’t why I stayed home. I actually like to run in the first rainy period to break the ice with the changing season. But now we are going to have a return to summer, so I will look even more like a sun runner.

Today I also took Fig with me for the first run since that pit bull incident. I add a caribiner between the halter and her collar to assure me she won’t back out of her collar again. We did a mile and she did ok for the first 3/4s then started to fade. I think she’ll get her fitness back pretty quickly.

After the mile with Fig I added on my 10k run. Had to give a reedie a share the path shoulder. Other than that it was pretty uneventful. I felt like I was dragging a little bit, but I also felt well rested. Nothing was very difficult, but it dragged on. I think for future junk runs I need to add on a five mile run to the dog mile which I could do by heading south through East Moreland and then up through the school and back. After the 7.4 miles I also added on a full stretching regimen with pushups and hang downs. I think I’ll add some more pushups tonight.

Tomorrow my plan is to run with Fig again and maybe I’ll try the 5 mile add on route.

Ugh, its been a couple weeks

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

My running has really changed since I started running the dog. She can do around 3-4 miles max, and I have been bad about not adding on any additional miles. Heck she’s done, I might as well be too. Today was the first time in a weeks I actually added anything onto my runs. I ended up doing just under 9 miles. Being the first long run in awhile I am really feeling it this evening. The last three miles or so where grueling. Just 3-4 weeks ago I was doing 6-8 mile runs 3-4 times a week.

I have to say the short runs with Fig are pretty enjoyable. She does a good job of keeping up as well as not pulling. She likes her crows. These runs have really changed my patterns as I have been more erratic. I have had a harder time focusing on my own running things. Still maybe I will be forced to work on my form in my add-on runs. Fig likes to run only where I run. She leads well yet is also good at keeping on my heels.

Perhaps I should try to do at least one add-on run a week with the option to not run Fig and go longer on my own as well as the track.

On the ms side I ended up with the needle uncapped and out of my auto injector. So for the first time I jabbed myself and plunged. It was pretty easy actually, but I have been paranoid about it having to inject myself for sometime. I had thought about just trying it a couple of times, but I never did. Overall I would say over-rated, it was easy and painlessish.