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I love drizzle

Monday, November 10th, 2008

The rain in Portland is believed by many to be this constant downpour. In fact it doesn’t do that too often. First off we have a rainy season (or seasons) which is usually from the end of October – November and then February-June. Our summers are exceptionally dry. Secondly our rains are more of a drizzle. People up here often bitch about it, or local news are the biggest belly achers. Me, I love the drizzle. It is the perfect weather to run in. Nice and cool and usually little wind. This was the case with my run this morning. I found myself starting out at a fast pace (for me) that I was able to keep up for about 3/4’s of my run. The mile and a half of today’s 6.5 was a bit slower and then I kicked it into gear for the last 1/4. Over all my pace was an 8:35 minute mile, about what I was doing when I was training for the Portland Marathon, ahh, those were the days!

Here is a good blog posting on a simple strategy for running a fast marathon. Many of the ideas are equally applicable if you are running it slowly.