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Two a days

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

When I was training for the Portland Marathon I did two a days a lot. 4.25 miles to my office, 4.25 back home. The early morning run was downhill and then uphill on the backside. The summer runs in the afternoon were grueling, the uphill portions also included a flight of stairs in Creston Park. Great training runs both ways.

I haven’t done any of these double runs since then until today. Instead of being a back and forth run, today’s was a slow 4.35 miles and then a separate 2.8 miles at a tempo pace. The slow portion was a lot funner and it was good to run with my running partner and her dog again, it had been awhile. We managed a nearly 12 minute pace with several stops for pee breaks and house price scoping. We had perfect cool running weather  with a start right after 7:00. We concluded the morning run with a mouse removal.

After a quick bus ride I dropped my bag and picked up my water bottle. I headed out on my Tour of SE run and busted out a 8:03 first mile followed by a 7:56 mile, just under an 8 min mile average (If I factor in my actual time, I add 8 seconds to the first mile pushing me over an 8 min average. I’ll take the faster!) The last partial mile I slowed way down and eased myself back into a more reasonable 9:30 pace. I wanted to do the entire run at tempo, but I’ll take 2 miles.

Both runs were really good and together make a pretty nice quality run of sorts for the morning. And its always great to run with my favorite running companions!

Tempo followed by recovery

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Yesterday I ran an eight mile tempo run, well the second through sixth miles were anyway, I started out with a half mile warm up and then picked it up for a sub 8:30 pace for the next 5.5. It went well was I felt strong throughout, My pace dropped a bit for mile four which is up hill for half of it, but I only lost 15 seconds averaged through the mile split, then back under goal for two more miles. The HR was obviously pretty high though this in the 160s for the first three miles and then over 175 for the next three on avg. I had to push it through this fast 5.5 and then spent the next mile and first of two in a cooldown going up hill and still keeping a relatively high heart rate. The last mile and a half was really slow (12 min miles) and I kept my HR around 150 or less.

I saw a barefoot runner go by and chatted at him for a bit. he told me he had heard that Vibram runners have been cutting the heels out of them. He didn’t own a pair and was doing it full on barefoot. Said he might get some for the really hot weather.

After my hard run in the afternoon, I got up pretty early and went out again for a recovery run of six miles. It was slow going and a really good recovery run with very little time spent over my recover ceiling and a lot of it under by 5 beats or more. Boring run, slow run but a totally successful one. Recovery done, time for another quality run tomorrow! Maybe an AeT run with an HR around 160?

Two hard runs in a row

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Not something I would recommend for every week, but as hard as that second run was I felt great afterward. My thighs are a bit sore and I feel a bit out of it mentally, but my body feels really awesome. Full of sore energy. I feel like I have worked hard, and I have.

Yesterday I ran down to the Cleveland Track to run on their newly surfaced track. Very nice. I did a comfortable 2.25 to the track to warm up. Once I got there I started in on 2 miles of straights and curves. My pace on the straights was as high as 5:30 and my heart rate got up as high as 178 (not far from what I estimate my max of 184). For the most part my straights got the HR over 170 before I brought it down to below 150 on the curves. It felt so good to go all out especially after our super slow Sunday ten miler. I even got to show off a bit as the girls track team came out to the track to workout, they had to wait for me to run a straight. I heard one of them say “I wish I could…” as I passed by them. I am sure she finished with something like “date Johnny” but I imagined she finished by saying “run as fast as that!” Ha ha. I only had one more lap after they got to the track before I relinquished it to them. I ended the run with another 3.75 back to home.

Overall I felt really good like I usually do after a speed workout. The other benefit is that the next runs always seem really fast as well. Speed workouts really do help improve in the fast arena. I think you are just getting used to the speed especially after months and months of base runs.

So today, my running partner wanted to do a seven miler at her potential half pace of 10 minute miles (though I know she is going to be faster). I thought I could handle that. Then she decides she wants to push it a bit. Of course I have to step up and say “Yay, let’s do it.” So now we decide to do 1 miles slow, followed by 5 miles at 9:30, then end with another slow one. By the time we got to the waterfront, our 9:30 goal became a 9:15 goal. Phew, now I was gonna be hurting.

The first mile went well. My legs were sore and we were passed by several runners, but it felt good. I wished out loud that this would be a super long mile so I could enjoy the pace, and it actually did go on for a long time. Then our fast miles hit and boom we were off. I think my running partner and I feed well off of each other and though I was lagging a bit I kept up with her fast pace. We usually talk the entire time we run together, never seeming to run out of topics. Well this mile there wasn’t anything said. Second mile done and I looked at our pace and was greeted with an 8:33! Holy moly that’s fast. So we agreed to slow it down a bit, but not a lot.

Third mile was grueling, but I was determined to keep going and so was my partner. Our conversation was sparse, I think we realized how quiet we were for the last mile and both felt that was odd. So we got a few words in. Mostly though we ran. I concentrated on my breathing, deep from the belly. I was really glad we were slowing down, but it really didn’t feel like it was that much slower. Third mile done and our pace for the mile was 8:40. Yeah we slowed down but not nearly enough for me!

Mile four was another grueling one. I concentrated on breathing and was even able to blurt out a couple of things. I wonder, did they even make sense? As the mile wound down, my partner gave me some words of inspiration, only a mile to go! Well not quite yet, but yeah only another fast mile to go. At this point we decided to only do four fast ones, we were extremely happy with that. Especially since our pace was so much faster than we had started out with. Mile four done and our pace slowed to an 8:50 crawl (yeah right). One more mile to go.

As our final fast mile came to a close we realized we would finish it before the next hill which was a great feeling. Both of us had worked up a great sweat. Felt really good to be flying along with each other. We rocked this run. Phew, mile 5 done with an 8:42 pace. Time to cool down for the final two miles. Max heart rate for the fast part 170.

Those last two miles were heavenly and a great reward for us both. What a fantastic run, we both were really happy with it. We are getting good.