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Yesterday at the track, today rest

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Yesterday before procrastination set in . I wanted to wait for the sun to burn off clouds before I left but I I layered up and headed out into the cold fog On the way after a mile and a half the sun broke through. It quickly got warm and I tied my jacket around my waist. As I neared the track I saw a couple of runners doing their rounds, I filed in behind them. One of them was going really fast, though I did get to pass him on a straight. He returned the favor several times passing me effortlessly.

My workout felt good. I did 2 miles of straights & curves which worked out to 16 HR intervals for the sprints on the straights. I did them all strong up to the last lap (though I was fading at the end). My HR was pretty high for the intervals but I was able to get it down to 144ish on the way back. I ran the canyon hoping for no mud. There wasn’t much on the trails, pretty dry for the most part.

Oh, I almost forgot. I wore my other new pair of shoes for the run (Asics gel kayano 16), again breaking the golden rule of doing a short break-in run first. They were also 2E, which I have never done before. I always thought I might want to try a wide shoe thinking my feet might like the extra room (especially on the side I wear my lift). They were actually reasonably snug and I think I like the wider shoe so far.

I had lots of work today and it just made sense. Made it a rest day. My mileage is pretty high for the week already – 18 mi. I’ll do at least 14 more before Sunday is done.

Six miles of recovery and new shoes

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

This morning I got a nice leisurely recovery run in which was needed after the long Sunday run and yesterday’s speed work. The weather has been dry for the last couple weeks so I have been able to run on the dirt trails in the canyon which has been nice these last couple of days. The geese welcomed me back with a loud How Do You Do.

Last night I checked the miles on my shoes that I have been wearing. They have been giving me a bit of foot pain especially in the front of my feet. This in itself isn’t a definite sign of needing new shoes especially with my ms-y feet, but I haven’t looked at my total mileage in awhile. Sure enough I was over 600 miles on this pair which is pretty much way over when the shoe stores tell you its time for new shoes. I have had really good look with the Asics Kayanos, looking over my past shoes I have taken several over 600 miles total. Spend a little more, get a little more out of them.

This is the first time I have worn the new models (well new to me – kayano 15, they might even be on 16 now). The first day is hard to tell much from them but they feel good so far. Snug and solid in construction. This model has a new lacing method that I had read good things about, we’ll see how it works for me. I am curious to see if they deal with the wet weather better than the 14s. I would get a little slippage with them on wet roads. So another test for another day, soon as the rain started again a little after I got home this morning. I stuck in a pair of Hapad inserts that I got as a sample, their new sport cloud inserts (so new they aren’t even on their site yet.)

More new shoes?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I have had a pair of Asics Gel Kayano running shoes sitting on the shelf in my garage for over a year. I got them at a really good price after the model was discontinued ($60 off). Right after I got them I went to an orthopedic specialist to talk to him about my feet and the discomfort and numbness I was experiencing. His thought was that my motion control shoes might be causing trouble because of the stiffness on the outer sole causing too much pressure on a nerve in my foot. He suggested custom inserts which I really wanted due to my shorter right leg and if they solved the issues I was having with my feet then great. So this meant I would need to go to a neutral shoe to see if the motion control shoes were the problem. Well, turned out it was our friend ms that was (and is still to a degree) causing issues with my feet.

One of the things the doc suggested was switching back and forth between my neutral shoes with the inserts and the motion control model. I haven’t done it too much as the neutral shoes felt a lot better, but on occasion I would put the old mc model on. They were quite a bit lighter than the heavier Mizuno model (and plus the inserts, which aren’t light) and I found myself running faster in them. I ran on an older pair as I felt I still had miles left on them. Recently I have noticed that they really felt like they were worn out despite having only 400 miles (I was thinking I could get 500 or more out of them.) So today I decided, what the heck lets pull out the new pair and give them a whorl. They felt great! I think I will run in them one more time before Saturday and wear them for the race. The Gel Kayano is a really good shoe, probably my favorite I have ever run with.

I found out yesterday that MS Lifelines will not (as expected) offer me any further assistance with the rebif. Though if I go off of it for three months, then I can restart for a free year. Weird? So I am going to use my current insurance to max out what they will pay for rebif (2 months) and then apply for Oregon Medical Insurance Pool in a month or so as they have no cap on rebif. Seems like the best option I have.