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Monday, September 21st, 2009

Wow, 200 posts. That seems pretty amazing to me. Not that having enough to talk about on running for 200 occasions is that big a deal, especially for a runner. We love to talk running and many msers love to talk about ms as well. So I guess I have it pretty easy. As far as the ms goes, the only things I really have to talk about are my aching feet (umm, plight of a distance runner?) and bladder issues (plight of a 40+ year old?) so I feel like things are going pretty well for me. I could lose some weight, I’m about 15 pounds over where I would ultimately like to be. But I feel like I am in good shape if not great shape. As far as the weight goes I suspect it may be the rebif that is causing it (or we could go back to 40+ to explain it). I do feel like I should be lighter than I am with the running I am doing. Though I have found that I need to be running over 30 miles a week consistently in order to lose weight. I have altered my diet somewhat with eating more fruits and veggies and less pasta, breads and cheese (though my reductions in the last two food groups could be greater!)

Other things to think about for a 200 post review: I seem to have a bit of short term memory loss, I also seem to have a bit of short term memory loss (ok sorry, I couldn’t resist the dumb joke.) I have noticed that every once in awhile I will set out to do something and it will just be gone. If I fret and stew it tens to stay gone, if I just move on to something else it tends to come back to me pretty quickly. I find myself relying on lists more and more which could just be a defensive reaction to memory loss paranoia. Throughout my life I have experienced minor bouts of insomnia. I have noticed that I have been experiencing it more regularly as well. Like last night for instance, grrr. The other oddity has been getting music stuck in my head, it seems to happen really easily and gets really stuck.

This weekend I went for a long run, 12.5 miles. I thought about adding another miles to make it a half marathon distance, but I was feeling like I had already pushed myself enough. So I ended it. But it was a good run and I didn’t kill myself too much. I did some yard work after and I think that sent me over the edge in terms of exhaustion. I slept like 10 hours that night. Today’s run was a base run. I felt like I was going pretty quickly, but I was doing a 9:30 pace (or plod) but I did feel pretty light on my feet, so I think I am improving (at least my cardio if not my speed.)