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Better than 6 min miles

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Ok, less than 6 min miles in a interval workout with short duration, so not that impressive. But still I was pretty excited to see sub sixes as I pulled into the curves at the track for a straights and curves workout. It didn’t feel like I was really super pushing it either as my HR maxed out in the low 170s for most of the nine laps I did. For most of the run I had the entire track to myself which was really nice. Not too much exciting happened on the run other than that. It was really good to get a track workout in. The only downside is that I was pooped in the evening and I had rehearsal. I think on band night I really shouldn’t do a hard workout in the afternoon beforehand. The downside is Tuesdays work really well for a hard workout. Recovery on Monday after the Sunday long run and there’s Tuesday just begging for a tough workout. Ugh.

So my next quality run is going to be a hill workout, the same one I have done in the past. It looks like I will shoot for Thursday to do this after a recovery run tonight. I’d really like to get into running everyday, but I think my preferred distances won’t really allow for it. I don’t want to be running 50+ miles a week. As it is I am doing just about 40 and it seems like plenty. If I do over 30 I am always happy. Seems like that allows me to eat what I want to and not gain weight. I’d still like to lose another10 pounds. I have re-committed to not eating past 7 which I think helps a lot. And as long as I can keep getting green drinks in me that will help as well. The eating choices I have been making have been relatively good lately, if only I didn’t like sweets so much! I’d like to get into eating five smaller meals a day. That sounds like a better way to eat for me.