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My shade moved

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Today I got out for a morning run after taking four days off. I am not really sure why I took so much time off, I didn’t really have an excuse until yesterday when my upper left thigh was feeling some pain. I think this comes from doing to much gardening of which I did my fair share this weekend. I had been icing it and after a couple of days of ice and rest it went away. This is the second time in the last month or so that I felt this. The pain occurs when I try to lift my leg and is more of a weakness than a pain. Could be ms related, more than likely overuse of muscles I don’t often use (gardener’s thigh). I had no issues with it on my run at all and now after I notice nothing.

My run today went really well, slow pace (9:30) but I didn’t feel fatigued or that I was straining at any point. It was actually a bit chilly today and I wore my new gloves, Manzella Windstoppers. They were a bit much for today. When I bought them from Amazon I though they were like the fleece pair that I have, but they are almost more of a shell(even though the review says you could wear them in a shell.) I’ll reserve judgment for now, but my hands did sweat a lot in them.

Today’s run was the first one in two weeks or so that wasn’t cloudy. Usually I find myself seeking shade on my runs. Today as I was on the final stretch eastbound past 52nd I noticed the shade was on the other side of the street! This was the first time I ever noticed that around the solstice, pretty dramatic change. I actually had a lot more shade on that stretch than I usually do (which is hardly any).