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Super hydration

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Never one to do something half-assed, I took the need to hydrate properly to a new height (for me anyway). Starting on Friday I began drinking more water  and continued all day Saturday before the race. I was peeing all day very frequently. I also ate lots of water heavy fruit. I was properly hydrated and a half for the race. Apparently you can over hydrate, but I guess it is ridiculously hard to do.

So I recently got on a scale and saw 179 for the first time in a long while. Since fall I am down around 17 pounds or so most of this has come off due to the training, but I also think my green drinks had a lot to do with it as well as not eating after 7:00 (this may be the best weight loss thing I have done.) So I was feeling sort of heavy the morning of the race and I decided to weigh myself. 186! I figured well I have been eating a lot the last several days in order to fuel up and then all the hydrating. During the race I did a real good job of hydrating both with my own water and drink stations (I drank several cups of Gluekos). I celebrated with a bottle of Smart Water they were giving out at the finish.¬† After the half I weighed myself again – 183. I was a bit disappointed…

So today I went out for a recovery run with my running partner. We putzed along a a nice slow pace, I didn’t sweat much at all. I realized I hadn’t really had much to drink all day. But the run wasn’t hard at all, so I was fine. I decided to weigh myself again now a day past the super hydration I did for the race, my weight was down to 180! Amazing that I was able to stash 6 pounds of water for the race. I am a freakin’ camel!

Makes me think super hydrating might add too much weight, but considering how well I did in the race I think it was the way to go. My recovery has been pretty good as well. I have been a bit tired and slightly sore, but I think I drank enough to recover properly, I certainly ate enough as well.