Hobbling along

Yesterday I great run got interrupted by me rolling my ankle about a mile into it. Fortunately I have ankles of rubber! And I am usually ready to continue after walking off an ankle roll. This time it really hurt and took me a couple of blocks before I was able to continue. But I was soon moving along although at a slower pace. This is another one of those do as I say not as I do moments. Really I should have stopped running and called for a ride. But I also know my ankles and their ability to bounce back. I didn’t hear/feel anything pop (not a good sign!) so I wasn’t too worried about it. I have noticed when I roll an ankle and continue on I usually don’t feel any pain until I stop running and get home. That is when the swelling starts in.

Here is a a “do as I do” for you. After getting home I immediately put some ice (cold wrap actually, bag of frozen peas works well too) on it. I also iced it again later at night. I woke with it being a little swollen and sore, but not too bad. Which is a good thing as I committed to another run today with my long distance running partner (long distance in terms of her being 1000 to the south in CA, we’ve been talking over our miked headphones while we run which has been fun). I wrapped my ankle with a special compression wrap that uses Far Infrared heat “to naturally promote healing. Nano-sized ceramic particles with the fabric emit far infrared rays to generate thermal energy, deeply penetrating tissues, tendons, muscles and ligaments in the affected area to promote blood circulation, for pain relief and speedy healing.” I am not sure how effective FIR really is, but I seemed to be able to make it through my run with no problems. I am not going to wear the wrap when I am not running, but maybe I should. Hmmm.

So today’s run/hobble went pretty well. My pace was pretty slow, but that’s ok. I worked up a good sweat and enjoyed my six miles. Pretty crowded out on the roads this morning, mostly I think cause it is the first day of school and all the kiddos where out with their parents. Good start to the week, two 10k runs and it is only Tuesday.