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Long run in the rain

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Friday (yeah I have been procrastinating writing) I went out for what I was alternately thinking would either be a short run or a base run. Once I passed through the park (left for short, right for base) I knew it was going to be a base run. As I was heading down through the falling leaves of 37th I started to think about a long run. I have done two base runs since I was back from Europe and in the preceding three weeks I had run four times of less than five miles apiece. Was I ready for a long run? Well I was pretty rested (in general, though I had done 13 miles in the last three days but I hadn’t run yesterday.) But was I ready for a long run? I doubt it, but that didn’t stop me. Left for the long run and right for the base run. Left it was.

I was glad to find out that the sewer work that closed Springwater was occurring in the other direction which served as a traffic block that gave me the trail all to myself (not that there would be a lot of people in the rain.) At the end of the trail I had another choice, Left for the neighborhood of mystery (I have never been able to figure out what it is called) for a really long run or right for just a plain ole ordinary long run. Left to mystery I say! The neighborhood of mystery is anything but mysterious, but I enjoy running there none the less. Out of NoM and into Sellwood. After several blocks I turn east so I can run through the park along the golf course and wham, I roll my ankle. Crap, five miles from home and no cell phone (not that I wouldn’t have run through it anyway as it didn’t seem that bad. Though I had no doubt that I wasn’t going to be doing it any good either…) I walked for a bit and decided it was ok enough to keep running and on I went.

Across the bridge, through W. Moreland, around Reed and up across the two bridges that span the canyon, through campus, over to Woodstock, then home. 10.72 miles in all, here is my run. Other than the ankle it was a really nice run in a gentle rain. I am really not sure what happened with rolling my ankle. I didn’t hit anything in the path or slip on wet leaves. It just happened. I suppose the barefoot runners would say it was due to my shoes and perhaps they are right. Certainly came out of nowhere.

Today I am still nursing the ankle though I am sure I could go ahead and run on it as long as it was an easy run. Yesterday I woke up out of bad with a kink in my back that is really causing me grief. I suspect it had a little to do with hobbling around as again no event preceded it. Perhaps I am just falling apart. nah.

I injected my rebif on Friday and thought I haven’t written about taking the medication in a long time. It has been 18 months or so that I have been on it, 234 injections. Does that qualify me for expert status? Probably not. I haven’t seen a relapse of any ms symptoms, at least in a major way. I have noticed what they call pseudo symptoms where I get slight reoccurances of the seizure symptoms. It usually only happens when I am really hot and or tired, for example after I run on a warm day. It happens ever so often, say maybe once or twice a month. I can’t remember the last time it happened so it has probably been at least a couple months. I had nothing during my trip the Europe, where I was a little worried the stress of the trip might cause things to act up. But nothing. Side effects for me have been minimal, I have the red spots on the injection sites on my stomach and back, but not my arms or legs. I still take a single Ibuprofen and a single Acetaminophen before I inject, for the most part I no longer get the flu like symptoms. I have noticed a bit of insomnia when I inject, but it doesn’t always happen or seem that bad. No depression at all from what I can tell. Lately I have been experimenting with injecting earlier in the day to see if that helps with the insomnia and it appears to do so. I have even injected and then gone out with no ill effects or grogginess. It seems I am nearing some sort of expert status after all!

One side note, plane travel was surprisingly easy. I had a note from my doctor saying that I would need to carry it with me. I also had the box that it comes in so I could show any prescription info. I had the needles in a zip lock bag that I could easily grab and hand to security. On the way back I had filled up my little travel sharps container, so I stuck the used needles (with needle bent over and the cap reinserted over it) in a bag as well. I was nervous as I approached security and both coming and going told them about the needles. Neither of them wanted to see them and asked that I just send my back through x-ray without pulling them out. Very easy! Of course they still think I am carrying explosives in my sneakers!