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Long slow run

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Yesterday my running partner and I headed up Lief Erickson trail on another long Sunday run. Having someone to talk with on these runs makes the time go by relatively quickly for the two hours it took us. Oddly we felt like we ran it more slowly than the week before but actually we finished earlier. My HR was really low throughout (with the exception of the yelling match with a cyclist who was pissed we had the dog off-leash (which we really shouldn’t have she also shouldn’t have been going so fast around a blind corner.))

My hip has been causing my some pain (gads I sound old!) on these longer runs but it didn’t really bother me much yesterday. Perhaps my use of a foam roller to massage my hips has been paying off. It is also supposed to be good for back issues as well. Since I have been using it (admittedly sporadically) I haven’t had any issues with the back though I think the issues I am having have less to do with my hips and more to do with a nerve thingy.

Nothing too much to report on the ms front. I have noticed some forgetfulness but not to any degree that has been affecting my life (at least that I can remember anyway…) Yesterday I couldn’t remember the name of my fav basketball team’s star center (Greg Oden, though many Blazer fans would rather forget him…) It was frustrating as I could totally visualize his face and hear him talking in my mind, but the name escaped me. I am also noticing some balance issues, though again minor and usually if I am feeling tired or fatigued (more from running or working out than ms related fatigue problems which I have been happy to not experience much of). I just feel sort of woozy and a little unstable, seems to happen in the shower somewhat often (could be related to exercising beforehand). I sort of worry about the day I don’t catch myself and tumble over. Oh well, I have fallen before in life and have managed to get up, so I’ll just do it again.