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Hot weather and twisted foot

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

It has been two weeks since I ran last. The weather here has been too darn hot. Even in the early mornings it hasn’t been cool enough to get out for a run. I think a lot of it is that it is so hot during the day (107 was out high point) that I just get sapped of all energy, even after a night’s sleep (which also hasn’t been good) I just didn’t feel like getting up and hitting the roads. To top it off and seal the deal, it hasn’t really cooled down at night. Ok, enough heat excuses for now, besides I have another.

I have a pair of flip flops that I wear in the yard and office. They are moderately comfortable, but they have gotten really stretched out. Occasionally I have rolled my foot inside them. Nothing to do with the ankle, but actually rolling the foot. So I was climbing over our goose fence in our garden and was greeted by a flock of lettuce crazed geese. In trying to avoid them and their madness I rolled my foot. My small toe actually rolled under my foot. At first I thought I had broken something, it was really sore. But I didn’t have a black and blueness and putting pressure on the bones didn’t cause any pain. I think it was pretty much soft tissue damage. So heat and outside of my foot pain kept me preoccupied for the last two weeks. A couple of days a go I stubbed my little toe on my other foot so bad that it has turned black and blue. If anything is broken it is that toe. Gads.

So despite the foot issues I hit the roads today. It is so hard to get back into things after a layoff. You get used to being lazy. But it felt pretty good. My cardio fitness took a hit, but it will come back. The run went slow which was fine with me. There were a lot of people out running today. It looks like I wasn’t the only one to be inspired by the recently cooler weather. A little over half way I rolled my ankle (not my foot this time) and it still hurts. I probably should have headed home right there, but it still would have been a long walk. So after a couple of minutes I felt it was ok to continue. The rest of my run went pretty gingerly and I was really careful of any jumps off curbs or uneven trails. Now ice is in order as well as some ibuprofen.