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9 running, 5 walking and iceburg lettuce

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Saturday I finished my week with a nine mile run and a five mile walk after. I was pooped and my feet are killing me. My run was pretty slow, I definitely didn’t push it. I went for the walk with my running partner who broke her collar bone last week, no running for her for awhile. The walk after was actually pretty tough, I think next week I’ll do it again with less of a run (maybe like 5 miles).

So aching feet. This is something I have been putting up with for the last two years ever since I ran the Portland Marathon. I originally (and probably correctly for a major portion) attributed it to the 26.3 and the training leading up to it. I talked to a podiatrist (when I got my inserts) and his thoughts were that it had to do with my motion control shoes. These have a more solid outer portion of shoe base which is to force your foot to drop a bit on the inner portion of your foot during foot strike. His theory (that he had seen before) was that this more firm surface was irritating a nerve in the foot and causing the pain and the numbness (sound familiar fellow mser?) Well without the benefit of an MRI, he made the best judgment he could and had me start wearing neutral shoes and inserts specially designed for my foot. The discomfort seemed to abate a little, but I think the ms was playing its part in the issue and no insert was going to deal with its symptoms.

So, what do I do now? In an effort to lessen the environmental impactful of my receiving of rebif by post, I have kep the ice packs that initially ship the medicine in (well some of them anyway). So I keep these frozen and use them to ice my injections as well as my feet (and various other areas.) I place a towel on the floor and one of the ice packs on top of that. I then alternate (with socks) placing my foot on the ice, first left then right. Initially I used two, but I could only stand to have my feet iced for so long. I found that one ice pack and alternating feet was the best way to go. This seems to help quite a bit and I am going to continue to do this.

Cooling techniques from the past. I heard an interview with an old baseball player talking about the heat and playing baseball in the 40s. Of course they did not have any air conditionin gback then, so they had to get creative. He said (I wish I remembered his name) they would put pieces of aluminum foil in their shoes to reflect the heat (not sure that this could actually work…) They would also have oak buckets of ice water in the dugout that they would stand around in and soak their feet. By far my favorite method was that they would take heads of cold iceburg lettuce, cut them in half and wear them in their caps. Now that is something I’ll have to try!