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2016 running

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

As I run my way up to being 50 I am excited to get back into a regular routine. I want to be able to think of myself as a runner again! This last year or so I have felt like I am lying when I tell people I run. That is gonna stop, even if I have to stop saying I am a runner. But I’d rather reconnect with my fitness and feel like I am doing some positive benefit to my body.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks has been the music. I can’t play for extended periods of time (re: rehearsals and performance) on days that I run. My concentration gets really unfocussed and I just feel too exhausted. I experimented with running short distances on music days, which was actually doable. But I don’t like to run for short distances so that doesn’t really work for me. But I am not going to need to worry much about that as one of my bands is taking a hiatus and curtailing regular practices. Sad to leave the band, but not so sad to be able to wrangle my life back!

The other big stumbling block for me has been excuses. I have just been accepting them too much. Life often gets in the way, so not all excuses can be ignored but I want to be able to get past them more often than not. I have thought about a race to build a training regimen around but I am just not feeling that, my interest in participating in races is low. I sort of feel I need to find the ambition within myself rather than relying on something external. Some people are great with external input, but personally I’d rather not. Plus if it is just me that is involved and just my fitness that is being improved then I think I have more flexibility to be myself. if I want to take a Zumba class (as if!) for example, and not run, then I can.

So I started running with Altra zero-drop running shoes about 3 years ago. I love them, well loved cause my second pair was a completely different model and I have struggled to enjoy them. They are heavy and bulky and Altra really outdid themselves in the ugly dept. But I bought them and committed to them so I have been using them. As I was thinking about restarting running last week I decided that I had enough and I bought a new pair. I went with one of the lightest cushioning models as they looked a lot closer to my first pair (which by the way have become my favorite pair of daily shoes. I can even put up with the duck look (Altras have a larger toe box so they look a tad funny.) Today was my first run with them and so far I love them. The model is Altra One 2.5. Looking forward to the next run with them!

Another impediment to my running has been my damn Garmin watch. I have had it now for 5 years(?) and it does still work but I have had several issues with it. I have a Forerunner 405. I love the data and have become addicted to the stats. A couple months ago a person would not move on a path and despite my hugging the right side I ran into her. My watch flew off and the band had pulled off. Garmins are designed to be able to swap out the bands with different colors(? Are runners really that focussed on how they look? Ha, what am I saying of course we are!) I say designed to swap them out, but I never said easily. Or even remotely possible for that matter. My Garmin is now held together with duct tape, awesome. Around the same time I sent their tech support and email to inquire about editing my runs as I often forget to restart or the power dies or some other issue and I need to add on an extra mile. They responded that I could do it with the new online system and it is true, you can. However the online system doesn’t work that well IMHO and I have trouble getting the watch to sync with the computer which keeps me from seeing my stats. Oddly, the previous run will be there but not the most recent one. I may have figured it out by changing the “force send” setting. We’ll see as I just did that.

Today’s run, first in a month or so, was almost 4.5 miles at a 10:02 pace. It felt really good to run, but I did get pretty pooped and had to will myself to keep going. My feet got a bit sore towards the end of the run and they are a bit achey right now. I attribute this to my lack of running and new shoes (should have done a much shorter first run, but I always ignore that fine advice.) I am looking forward to a solid night’s sleep tonight!

Ramping back up

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Once again on the road to recovering my fitness. After two weeks off and before that short runs with the dog, I am ramping up my longer runs. Well not necessarily super long runs but 6+ milers (to start). Getting back into running after a break is always a difficult thing. The runs all seem harder than they used to be and your pace seems slower than you remember it. The frustrations appear around every corner but the only choice is to blast through them and keep going.This time no exception. The good news is that I at least feel like I have stopped on the precipice of falling out of shape and turned back. My health almost instantly feels better, I feel thinner and firmer. It might all be a mental thing, but hey I’ll take what good feelings I can get.

One bummer is that my feet seem to be aching more now. I thought that the two week rest would do some good, but it appears as if just the opposite has happened. Its as if the running develops some sort of barrier to the pain/discomfort in my feet. Taking time off removes that barrier. Maybe I am just no longer used to it and my body is reacquainting itself with the discomfort. I have done four runs since restarting and it actually does feel a bit better, but at first (and maybe I was expecting my feet to feel better from the break) I was dissapointed. Even during the break my feet were bugging me, but those first couple of runs they were barking!

Yesterday’s run was not too fast but my HR was really high through a lot of it. Made me think that I need to get back to working in recovery runs (my goal for the day!). I really would like to get back on a HR training program and perhaps that is what I will do. Time to break out the HR books and get some inspiration. For the moment, a recovery run will do!

I have also been thinking about picking up a pair of Newton shoes which are well known for their ability to mimic the barefoot runner experience while offering your feet protection (and not looking stupid, so damn important!) If they weren’t so damn expensive $150-200 I would try a pair, but I keep getting caught up with the cost. That and the fact that I haven’t seen them locally and would have to get them online. Not that that has ever been a problem for me in the past!

Hard run after week off

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Not that it is surprising after my increase in miles, but I took a break for a week. Actually it had more to do with the cold wet weather w have had, but my tired body wasn’t arguing. Certainly wasn’t screaming for me to get out in that rain and run! I felt bad for our dog who has been my running partner for the last couple weeks. She gets to go out with me for the first mile and then gets dropped off at home. She loves it! It was funny yesterday near the end of our run she was getting pooped and started to lag behind. Then we cam upon a woman walking her two dogs and Fig perked up to show off darting ahead of me to set the pace. Funny pooch.

I am about 90% certain that I won’t run the full marathon in Vancouver this summer. My feet have really been aching with the increase in miles and I don’t think I want to put up with the training pain just to run the race. Also my pace has been so slow that I don’t feel inspired to really push it. That said I want to keep up with the training (gotta fit into my new jeans and all!) and we’ll see what happens. There is a mara in San Fransisco that I have always wanted to do later in the summer and perhaps that will become my goal. After all I have been threatening to do my solo trip/mara for awhile now, this would be as good a chance as any. It is supposed to be really beautiful. I think I will at least try to do the half in Vancouver, I know I can handle that for sure.

My ever present problems with pain/numbness in my feet are bugging me. A woman who is a naturopathic practitioner said I should breathe in Chi through the top of my head and exhale out the bottoms on my feet, then reverse the process. Supposed to make me feel more grounded which dovetails nicely with the natural running I have been experimenting with. I have tried it a bit, but not enough to really do anything. I have also been focusing on my balance and the position of my feet when stretching to make sure they are flat on the ground. The connection with the earth seems to help a bit there.

Well I have a nice break of sun out right now, so I think I will run a couple of errands that I have. Who knows when it will be sunny again in Portland!

Yesterday at the track, today rest

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Yesterday before procrastination set in . I wanted to wait for the sun to burn off clouds before I left but I I layered up and headed out into the cold fog On the way after a mile and a half the sun broke through. It quickly got warm and I tied my jacket around my waist. As I neared the track I saw a couple of runners doing their rounds, I filed in behind them. One of them was going really fast, though I did get to pass him on a straight. He returned the favor several times passing me effortlessly.

My workout felt good. I did 2 miles of straights & curves which worked out to 16 HR intervals for the sprints on the straights. I did them all strong up to the last lap (though I was fading at the end). My HR was pretty high for the intervals but I was able to get it down to 144ish on the way back. I ran the canyon hoping for no mud. There wasn’t much on the trails, pretty dry for the most part.

Oh, I almost forgot. I wore my other new pair of shoes for the run (Asics gel kayano 16), again breaking the golden rule of doing a short break-in run first. They were also 2E, which I have never done before. I always thought I might want to try a wide shoe thinking my feet might like the extra room (especially on the side I wear my lift). They were actually reasonably snug and I think I like the wider shoe so far.

I had lots of work today and it just made sense. Made it a rest day. My mileage is pretty high for the week already – 18 mi. I’ll do at least 14 more before Sunday is done.

Foot issues

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Recently I have been noticing more issues with my feet, well I shouldn’t say “more” as in additional I guess a better word might be heightened. I have experienced numb feet at some level for 2-3 years. It sort of comes and goes. At its worst during the height of my last relapse a year and a half ago I couldn’t even feel my feet. I remember going into work at an agency and being really worried about getting off the bus. I just had to hang on as I got off and trust that my feet had hit the ground, very disconcerting. I had two desperate incidents like this about a year apart, since getting on the rebif these seem to have stopped for the most part or I should say it’s been a year and a half since it has happened again.

As I said the numbness has been sort of off and on and mostly in the background, there but not quite there. And that is still how it is. It definitely isn’t at the level it has been. But I have noticed and increase in the discomfort recently. This morning when I went out for a run my feet felt the numbness pretty strongly (again, not nearly like before, just increased). As I ran (say after 15-20 mins) it did appear to lessen. My shoes felt a bit tight in the front part of the shoe today (even though they aren’t) as they have for the last two runs. My version of the ms hug apparently, I call it the ms shoe too small.

I think this is something I will just need to live with. The good thing is I can convince my brain that even though it doesn’t feel my feet like normal that my feet are there and that they are doing their job. It is that confidence that keeps me going just fine. I concentrate on my foot strike and everything seems to be ok. I actually think the repetitive nature of running is training my brain to operate normally when it comes to my feet. More reason to keep running!

Finally back from another break

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Ah yes, back to the roads again after a cleaning marathon and the ensuing visit from the in-laws. It felt really good, though I was feeling some numb foot issues returning. I also woke up with a huge rebif hangover. I am not sure why it is that sometimes I feel totally fine in all regards after injecting, and others I feel like crap. Crappy nights sleep, hangover in the morning, chills… Gads. But the run felt really good.

It was really humid this morning and I am finding that to be a very troublesome for my runs. I had a similar reaction to the humidity that I felt in Seattle. Good thing for me this was only an hour as opposed to 2.5.

I have another run planned for tomorrow, easy run I hope.

Lungs are still heavy

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

I am finding myself feeling a lot better, but I still think my lungs need a bit more rest before I send them out on the road. On the one hand I know it would be good to help clear them out, but not yet. Plus who wants to watch my hacking and spitting? Throw in a sweaty 42 year-old and we have a recipe for disaster.

It has been a good thing to give my body a rest though for this week. I was having that little twinge in my one knee (not even sure which one it was now) but that appears to have been recuperated by rest. My feet also seem to be a little less bothered by the numbness issues, though it is still there. I think the pounding does have an effect.

As for the healing powers of bee stings, I’m either going to have to call it a bust or say that I need more for anything to happen. I would have loved to have been able to convince myself that the bee venom worked miracles. I could have finally had a show I could do for cable access! I have always wanted some reason to be on. I would have to come up with a crazy bee outfit I suppose.

Last night was injection night. I was again worried how the rebif would react with my cold/flu symptoms. Well I may have found a solution. As I setup the injector and placed it on my planned site, I pressed the button. I felt nothing and thought, wow the hot compress really works. Then I realized, crap, I for got to take the cap off again. I popped it off and quickly jammed it in my stomach, hoping to get as much as I could. I did manage to get a partial injection and that seemed to mitigate the flu-like symptoms. Makes me wonder if I could get some half injections for when I was sick. I’ll have to ask the doc about that.

Numb foot

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Numb feet actually, probably my most pesty symptom of the moment. The numbness has been in my feet since I did the Portland Marathon two years ago. At first I attributed it to training and some sort of nerve injury, then I attributed it to a side effect to the cholesterol meds I was taking (it actually went away when I stopped the lipitor, but then it returned about a year later) and now finally we are attributing it to the ms. I guess I am happy (happy?) with that, seems to make the most sense.

It really isn’t that bad and often I forget all about it. But then I remember it is there and I focus on it for awhile only to once again forget about it. Running with it isn’t a problem at all and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t know if it is the pressure on the feet of running that makes me feel them more acutely and therefor allows me to forget the numb feeling or if it is that I am concentrating on other pains instead. Maybe a combination of the two. But it doesn’t cause any sort of coordination issue either. I think at one point I yacked about how the momentum of running carries me along and allowed me to run through my spells. Well it may sort of be the same thing with the numb feet, the momentum carries me along and I am able to move forward just fine.

I am glad to not have any pain when I run. Occasionally my feet will ache a bit after running and ice helps a lot. But at least it isn’t the sort of persistent pain that some folks with ms have. Stretching my feet back and forth while laying down on my back seems to help this as well. I’ll pull my toes forwards with one foot and push them down with the other. I do the movement slowly and then hold them for a few seconds. I generally try to do ten repetitions of this. I have also heard that placing a marble down on teh ground and covering it with a small towel then picking the marble up through the towel is a good exercise as well. I don’t like it much thouhg, it cramps up my toes!