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Nearing a peak

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

My running has been going really well these last 3-4 weeks. I have been getting in some great long runs which I think have been helping quite a bit. The soreness in my feet hasn’t been too severe and I have been able to recover with little to no lasting affect. I feel as if my conditioning is ratcheting up to a peak point that would be optimum for doing a race. Its actually a good thing I am not as I will be taking what will amount to a two week layoff here in a few weeks to go to Europe. If I were training I would think that another 3-4 weeks of training at this level and I would be rock solid.

I have never been able to time my peak for running a race. When I was training for the Portland Marathon I peaked way early (about two months so). I was enjoying establishing my base so much that I kept wanting to push myself further. If I had been able to hold back around 30-35 miles a week instead of getting over that cusp of 40-50 I would have been fine. But I wanted to run far and I did, so I paid the price of missing my peak. Course then I just tapered off and started again but it wasn’t quite right and plus I was dealing with a groin pull I got by jumping out of the way of a rushing mother and her carriage coming out of a blind entrance to a park. Really bugs me to this day that she never even said sorry and had no idea what so ever what she had caused me to do. Grrr, shouldn’t drag up those old bad memories.

While watching the marathon, we watched an African runner go by who looked really impressive as a runner. John Riak was one of the most ripped individuals I have ever seen and had fantastic form even though he was finishing up a marathon (as it turns out his first and he placed fifth.) On my run this morn I visualized his legs and gained a feeling of sturdiness and strength in my own. I was IMing with my running partner and we looked him up to see where he placed and who he was. She found this great article on his struggles living in Sudan. Hefriended us both on Facebook and sent us nice notes. We both have a new favorite marathoner!