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Hot eight miles in under 10 min mile pace

Friday, May 10th, 2013

As my morning wore on I felt the heat rising hotter and hotter. The humidity joined in and I started to doubt my resolve to run. But my resolve won out and as soon as I finished a batch of work I had to do and Comcast paid us a visit to replace the box that we just had replaced (they gave us the wrong one) I was off. 78 degrees and about the same humidity (higher inside the canyon with the proximity to water), it was brutal. But I was firm with myself about getting moving.

When I first walked out of my office after gathering all my gear my stomach rumbled. I realized I was pretty hungry. I decided to pospone leaving until I could gobble a half of a clif bar. It was the perfect amount of food to hold me over and keep my stomach from rumbling. I also filled up my water bottle full thinking that the extra weight (I have been only bringing a half full bottle as of late) that was nagging me would eventually go away. I could have actually used a refill but I portioned my bottle out and drained it about a half mile from the end.

I started out only wanting to do a short run, but after a couple miles my pace was strong and I felt like I could top that 10 min mile mark. This inspired me to keep going and add on miles. I decided on my eight mile route and through the canyon I was still 90 seconds ahead of a 10 min mile pace. The heat and humidity in the canyon really sapped me, but I pushed on. My last mile and a half were quite a bit slower and I really started to drag. I even walked for a short distance twice which I rarely do, but it helped me quite a bit especially on the big hill out of reed.

Several times during the run I pushed myt pace a bit. Not too hard as I didn’t want to completely fade at the end (which more or less happened anyway). But I really wanted to break the 10 min mile pace barrier. And I did. 9:52 for 7.75 miles. I am pretty happy with that.

Third 6 miler in three days

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Today I cranked out another 10k run. Still felt really slow and I was still a tad sore, but not nearly as sore as yesterday. It feels pretty good knowing that I have been running for three days now and avoiding the lazies. It doesn’t hurt that I haven’t been nearly as busy these last couple of days other than work stuff which I can do just fine while running, no foggy brain like what happens with music. The other good news is that I haven’t had any relapse of the symptoms I was feeling on my first run three days ago. So that must have just been a fluke thing (I hope.) I decided to bring water with me even though it seemed deceptively cool with the cloud cover, the humidity however was still pretty thick and I think the sips of water helped out immensely. I guess I have to face the fact that it is water bottle season again! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I didn’t stop at all on this run. Yesterday I was exhausted and really feeling like I needed some short walks to recover. But today it was back to normalcy with no stopping.

3 days, 3 runs

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The day beckoned and about noonish I finally heard it. My third run in three days. All in the heat and the last two with water (funny, the hardest run had no water.) Today’s run was a short 4 miles through the canyon and back. It was arm out but once I got to the canyon the humidity really got stifling. It always looks like it is going to be cooler down there but even in the shade it is hot and thick. But even with that it is a beautiful place to run and a good workout from a sweating standpoint.

I usually run slower on the trails down there, the footing is tight in some areas and the slower I go the less damage to the trails. That said recently I have been pushing the tempo, powering up the hills and doing my Portland-stylie parkour over roots and fallen trees. The trails stairs down to the canyon have to be taken in big leaping steps or a skip and they end at a tricky network of roots through the trail, pretty easy actually if you know they are there. Then there is my big leap over the old log laying across the trail. Portland-stylie parkour is da shit!

I am still running on my old neutral shoes. My feet don’t really feel much better but they don’t see to be aching as much. Still not sold on them. I still am interested in trying one of the natural running shoes…


Muggiest 440 ever

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I got out relatively early this morning to beat the promised heat of the day. However I didn’t get up early enough to beat the humidity of the last several days. I started slowly on the way to the track but picked up my pace pretty well with the help of the King of Mambo – Perez Prado. By the time I got to the track I was feeling pretty warmed up. I trued to use my lap counter on my Garmin, which has always been sporadic in its proper functioning. I wonder if the high humidity had anything to do with it. But I did manage to capture my first lap: 1:47 at a 6.42 pace, .27 mi (outside lane though the Garmin are not supposed to be good at the track mileage wise). Halfway through my second lap I started to feel pretty pooped. About the same time, so did my watch. My third and fourth laps were progressively slower. I felt like I was swimming through the mugginess. I had originally intended to do six laps, but I settles for four. Considering I was ready to settle for 2, I did pretty good.

Leaving the track I just went the way I came in rather than through the reed campus. After a couple of blocks I walked for a bit until I hit the hill and then powered up it. I missed the light at Powell and had to happily wait for a walk signal. Through Creston Park I hit the stairs but that was it, time for another walk and some sharkies. I somehow managed to finish the run home without stopping. Phew.

I have been hydrating well today after the run. San Pelligrino really does the trick! Still I feel pretty well run out. I definitely feel like I got a good quality run in today. At the very least in terms of sweating.

Humidity and running

Friday, June 5th, 2009

These last couple of days our hot temperatures have cooled a few degrees only to be replaced with humidity. Not much of an improvement in running weather especially when the cool down is only a few degrees. My runs these last couple of days have been really tough. In fact yesterday I had to stop before the park and walk for a bit. Usually I have been able to push through that final mile, but not yesterday, so I cut my run short and walked for a bit (I did end up running the last little bit though.) The amount I sweat when it is this humid amazes me, my shirt looked like I had been squeezed dry. Good thing I have been carrying water, I think it has really saved me. Wait let me re-state that so it is not quite so dramatic: really allowed me to complete my runs.

I do think it is a matter of getting used to running in this, especially the hotter weather (not sure if I can get used to humidity). Already it feels a bit easier, less daunting.

Finally back from another break

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Ah yes, back to the roads again after a cleaning marathon and the ensuing visit from the in-laws. It felt really good, though I was feeling some numb foot issues returning. I also woke up with a huge rebif hangover. I am not sure why it is that sometimes I feel totally fine in all regards after injecting, and others I feel like crap. Crappy nights sleep, hangover in the morning, chills… Gads. But the run felt really good.

It was really humid this morning and I am finding that to be a very troublesome for my runs. I had a similar reaction to the humidity that I felt in Seattle. Good thing for me this was only an hour as opposed to 2.5.

I have another run planned for tomorrow, easy run I hope.