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World MS Day

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

If you are just hearing about this, you are not alone.I just found out yesterday when I was asked by the MS Society if I wanted to publicize my World MS Day event on their site. We msers make be quick on our feet, but we’re not that quick.

I decided to go out on a limb for WMSD and I went for a run. It was a really good run too, felt very smooth throughout. A good workout but I didn’t kill myself. I also had a beautiful morning to enjoy on my run as well.

I just had a rebif blunder and wasted a shot. Being that I had to pay for this month (actually not, more on that later) the cost of each injection (nearly $200) was really apparent. I had popped off the cap on my self-injector. This is supposed to pull of the cap on the needle, but it didn’t. So after my dull poke I tried to pull the cap off and squirted it all over the bathroom. I jammed it in, but I don’t think I got any in. So I had to grab a cold one (and not a good “cold one”) and inject that which sucks as it is a bit painful (compared to when it is room temp). But I am all juiced up and ready to watch basketball.

So, apparently the pharmacy was unable to bill my debit card for the full $2300 for the month I had to do outside of my coverage. OMIP was going to reimburse me, but I wasn’t looking forward to the hassle. Anyway, since they couldn’t charge me they had to bill me. And now that my OMIP has started up, they were able to just send it through. Hurray!