Sunny run

I didn’t think I was going to be able to run today as I had to go into the office of a client for a big meeting that could have taken all day, turned out it took 30 minutes. As I was sitting in my office I realized that the same reasons I used as an excuse to not run had been changed to a reason to run. And it was sunny out as well! With nothing keeping me from the streets it was time to gear up and make it happen.

I have been working on trying to have a better attitude in general and not succumbing to anger with people. Basically I am hoping to ignore things that just don’t matter. If someone isn’t paying attention or is inconsiderate my hope is that I can let it roll off me. I had a couple of people attempt to push me, but I managed to mind my business and focus on my happy run. I spend way too much time being irritated with people on my runs. Not today, sorry home team but Marco: 1 Portland: 0.

Physically the run felt reasonable good. I was dragging a bit but I kept my pace under 10 min miles for the entire run averaging a 9:49 pace. I am still liking my new Altras. One thing they need to work on is the glue they use to keep their logo on as it peeled off of one side, not that I care. Actually much better this way!