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Fine-tuning my running schedule

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

On Monday I ran 10 miles. Last week I did that Monday and Tuesday which I thought was a bit to much two days in a row. So today I ran what is becoming my favorite 6.2-7.5 mile run. I am getting comfortable with both runs these days. In order to do 30 miles a week I need to do one long and 3 short miles. I am thinking it might be better to stretch that to 4 shorter mile distances or possibly adding one extra short (around 4mi, I have a nice run through the canyon and back that is perfect.)

So looking to the week ahead, I think I am going to aim for the 4 shorts, but not pushing myself to do it. We’ll see.

My feet are the biggest concern I want to keep an eye on. With the numbness I am still having I want to make sure that I don’t do anything to increase that problem. I don’t really think I will, it seems other than the slight discomfort, it isn’t causing any motor functionality issues.

So I have been pondering and idea about how repetitious activity repairs the loss or re-routes the necessary signal paths. I notice a lot more control and balance when I am running. I am thinking the repetition drills it into our nervous system. More on this later.