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Piglet flu?

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Today I ran for the first time, well, since the last time I wrote. Its been about eight days that I have been dealing with this allergy-esque lung infection. Even with all the swine flu talk in the news, I have been a reluctant to call it by that name. The only symptom I really had was heavily congested lungs and an ugly cough. So I don’t think I managed to get media flu (err, swine flu), but I did manage to get really sick. I got a lot of rest and no running which seemed to help quite a bit. I can even imagine running with this crud, my breathing was really bad.

It was a nice run, though I went pretty slowly (which was fine by me) and took a couple of short walking breaks. Today was the first run this spring where I actually felt hot. Not just running hot, but outside temperature hot. The sun was really bright today. I should spend the day in the yard, but I am going to see Star Trek instead. Apparently I like to do my yard work in the rain…

So before I got sick I had just stopped taking another round of creatine. I like taking it, makes the muscles feel good, but I really seem to put on the pounds. I could feel the extra weight everywhere (maybe it also has to do with the pasta). I am at 193 right now and feel too heavy, time to lose some of this weight and definitely lay off the creatine (but not the pasta!)

Long fast run

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Today I had a great run. I had taken a couple of days off and was still feeling lazy this morning. But I had gotten a good nights sleep and I awoke this morning thinking about going for a run. So first thing, no bathrobe, no sweats, I just jumped into my cold weather running gear and poured myself a coffee. I usually have an emergen-C with my coffee before a run, this time I tried something different. I mixed my creatine into it and drank it before my run. I am nor sure if it made a difference or not, but it was a great run. Every opportunity I had to extend my run I took, so I ended up going 9.5 miles and felt great afterward.

One surprise that confronted me was a huge tree that had fallen down over the trail in the canyon. It must have been about 5 feet wide. So I doffed my parkour hat and didn’t let it stop me. I climbed up the thing and hopped down to continue on my way. The folks with the reed grounds crew will probably cut a path for the trail, but I almost wish they wouldn’t, it was sort of fun climbing over it.

I did tweak my ankle a couple of times, one I thought was going to be really bad but after a few minutes of walking it off it was fine and I continued on my way. I probably should have walked home from there, but it felt so good and the run was going so well that I just kept going.

All this after taking rebif last night too.