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Wammo-Slammo Field Day and today’s run

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Yesterday I did not run, well actually I did, just not around the neighborhood. I thought I would take in a little cross-training and attended Wammo-Slammo a neighborhood Field Day to bring attention to and gather feedback on what to do with an old school and the surrounding grounds that the city has donated to the neighborhood system to do with what they see fit. There were interesting ideas from making the grounds a place for homeless people to express themselves through art to housing and construction of a community pool. Me, I voted to build a track but I doubt that will happen.

So I can’t count my lip flapping about a track as exercise, and the neighborhood associations couldn’t get people to just show up on a hot day to talk about an abandoned school. This where the Field Day came in. The organizers had a bunch of different “recess” type games for people to play. I got to play a little volleyball, dodgeball, kickball, silly relay races (I dropped my egg in a furious attempt to bring my team from behind) and a sack race (fell flat on my face right out of the gate.) It was a blast and the heat was pretty bearable until the end when we all pooped out. I wish the organizers had gotten more attendees (and filled out surveys) but it was great fun and good exercise as well.

I was tired and a bit sore from yesterday’s fun but I decided to get up and get a jump on my week’s running. I didn’t have a whole lot of energy this morning and I forgot my water, but I had a really nice relaxing run even though now I feel a bit burned out. I don’t think I will go out tomorrow. Then again you never know.