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Sean’s Run from Autism

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

This morning I ran a 10K, while I didn’t set a PR, I did beat my goal of 54 mins coming in at 53:54. And I beat Sean! We were neck and neck the whole race. For me the race became “Marco’s Run from Sean!” He and his running partner would pass me and then I would pass them back. It was a lot of fun and I beat the pack I was running with about 10 runners. I seem to have this penitent for running off course and I missed the turn around with two tenths to go (there were other runners on the course who weren’t racing and I followed them, doh!) But I got back in the race, slapped Sean five and headed for the finish line. I wanted to cross side by side, but for some reason he didn’t want to, so I turned on the jets and won out, my own little race!

I started out to0 fast, at mile one I was running a eight minute mile. I progressively slowed, but not by much with a time of just under 26 minutes for the halfway point. So not a bad split as I only added two minutes to the last half of the race. I really pushed it for this race, I don’t know why. I guess with having run my 10K PR here, I wanted to do better. Plus having the pack on my back the whole time kept me going. It was also really windy so I think they were using me to cut through the wind – smart move on there part. The last 1.2 miles seemed to go by so slowly, I think it is because you get back to the park, but you have to run past it and then double back for the final .2.

It was funny, they had a calypso band playing before the race. As we all headed to the starting line, the song they were playing slowed down, slower and slower until the beat barely plodded along. Not the best choice of song for the start of a race!

I decided to ride my bike to the race, it’s about five miles to the starting line. I felt like I needed to go for a swim too, so I could complete my imaginary triathlon. I have to say, once I got home (its all uphill on the way home too) there would be no swimming for me. Great race, fun run and I feel like I gave it all I had.