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10k under 10

Friday, January 6th, 2012

In my effort to do my base runs under 10 min mile pace, I picked up my pace for my ending uphills through Reed and on to Woodstock, 2 miles in all. I did faster than eights to make sure I averaged under ten. Turned out my math was off and I did 9.5, made me happy. I’m pretty pooped tonight, pasta dinner and I have nothing else to do other than lay in bed and watch basketball. I’m sure I’ll get some stretching in too though.

Rotating my new shoes is going really well so far. Both pairs feel really stable and I am getting a good mind-strike with them. They are starting to get a worn-in look. Hopefully they don’t look like resolution shoes anymore. I still have been having foot issues like pain and spasticity, but I guess overall it isn’t too bad. I’d love to find the miracle shoe, but I don’t think it is out there.

Oh today I actually wore shorts without tights for the first time in months. It was nice to get my legs out in the sunlight! I started taking vit D again, not for any other reason other than I should. I wonder how much good the 1000 mg(?) caplets I take actually do for me? I saw some massive dose wafers for sale, the 50000 mg(again I am not sure what they are) really expensive (I thought) at four wavers for $20.

I watched an interesting parkour movie called Beyond the Brink. Daniel Ibaca was really pretty amazing, but kind of a jerk too You can see a trailer here.

3 days, 3 runs

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The day beckoned and about noonish I finally heard it. My third run in three days. All in the heat and the last two with water (funny, the hardest run had no water.) Today’s run was a short 4 miles through the canyon and back. It was arm out but once I got to the canyon the humidity really got stifling. It always looks like it is going to be cooler down there but even in the shade it is hot and thick. But even with that it is a beautiful place to run and a good workout from a sweating standpoint.

I usually run slower on the trails down there, the footing is tight in some areas and the slower I go the less damage to the trails. That said recently I have been pushing the tempo, powering up the hills and doing my Portland-stylie parkour over roots and fallen trees. The trails stairs down to the canyon have to be taken in big leaping steps or a skip and they end at a tricky network of roots through the trail, pretty easy actually if you know they are there. Then there is my big leap over the old log laying across the trail. Portland-stylie parkour is da shit!

I am still running on my old neutral shoes. My feet don’t really feel much better but they don’t see to be aching as much. Still not sold on them. I still am interested in trying one of the natural running shoes…


Hot weather running

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Our hot weather has been late in coming and I was a little worried about it. So far so good and I don’t seem to be overly fatigued if at all, The regular warm runs are starting to feel more good than bad. I’m not saying go out and run with the heat, just saying it is possible especially if you ease into it. I have been trying to get up early and run with limited success. But today I made a little late but I was there. My speed seemed to be pretty fast and I came in at just over a minute for the six and a quarter miles.

I have also found myself really enjoying jumping over things. I found a bush right off the sidewalk in reed that will be perfect for an approach up a driveway onto the sidewalk and over the bush to a lawn on the other side. It is a long jump, but I think I can do it! Mini parkour!

Today it was still cool when I left and I didn’t bring water. Big mistake and I quickly was regretting it. But I was able to hit a few water fountains. Still it was not enough.

Back to back

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

My run today was also warm, but I did manage to get out a bit earlier before the real heat hits, I did the same exact run as yesterday, except today I ran the whole way out of the canyon (yesterday I pooped halfway up) AND I was 3 seconds faster. It amazes me how I can do such similar runs over a 6 mile length. Hopefully the 3 seconds and the hill indicate that I am in slightly better shape today! I doubt it, at least measurably anyway. Looking at the numbers from the two runs I see I climbed 28 more feet today (which would be my hill). Its not that much of a hill obviously, but coming out of the sweat-box that is the canyon environment, it is a beast.

Other numbers of interest, by avg HR yesterday was 160, today 154. My max HR has also 6 beats less. So while it was later in the day yesterday I think it was actually hotter today. Feels good to sweat!

I think I mentioned the new parkour obstacles in the canyon yesterday. Today I took some really good leaps over them. I still chickened out for the dicey one with the big spur. There is no room for wisdom with parkour! Still, I’ll take the wisdom!

Run in the heat

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Since I didn’t manage to go yesterday I promised myself I would today no matter what. Well the morning wore on and I kept finding myself saying, ok after this. Ok after this. And again, ok after this. Pretty soon it was getting into the afternoon and the heat was rising. Well I say heat was rising but it was only getting to about 70, hot for Portland as of late. Tomorrow to the 80s! I’ll believe it when I feel it.

So by 2 I hadn’t eaten lunch and was kicking myself for not running. Then I realized, well a hot run won’t be the best of conditions, but the what the heck. I am going anyway. I wolfed down a clif bar to hold me over, grabbed my seasonally neglected water bottle and ran out the door. The day was just gorgeous but the sweat quickly began to sting my eyes. Wipe it away and keep going, though I. So I did. I decided on doing 6 miles, not fast nor slow. My HR was pretty high throughout, I definitely need to work that back down. I am sure as my fitness level picks up, the old heart rate will drop compared to my efforts.

The water bottle was just what I needed. Over the winter I had forgotten what it takes to keep the hydration level up. Small sips every quarter mile or so really helped. No heat would stop me today! I actually went fairly routinely. I didn’t make it all the way up the hill out of the canyon, but that is nothing new. New features in the canyon, several trees have fallen this winter. The people who maintain the canyon have a fairly hands off approach to managing it and they leave trees that fall (sometimes they get around to cutting out a portion that has fallen over the path). This makes for great parkour obstacles. One of them scared me and I had to climb over it. The path was especially skinny there and there was a huge spur sticking out. Probably a good choice to not leap it!

Stop me

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

In the 1972 Olympic Trials “Go Pre” shirts were everywhere in honor of Steve Prefontaine, the celebrated runner from Oregon, the stands were full of them. When Prefontaine started to get ready for the race, several of his competitors removed their warm ups to reveal “Stop Pre” shirts sarcastically making fun of all the Pre fans in the stands. As followers of running lore know, Pre won the race and upon finishing someone handed him a “Stop Pre” shirt which in a classic moment of track and field history, he donned the shirt and took his victory lap. As much as I don’t like Pre, IMHO this was an amazing moment, I wish I had seen it. The shirt and concept of “Stop Pre” has always been a statement of futile challenge to me. Yeah go ahead an try to stop Pre, good luck!

So today as I was running I was thinking of that and came up with the Idea of a “Stop ms” T-shirt in the familiar red octagon. Well that didn’t really fit my concept of futile challenge, so I changed the idea to “Stop Me”. I want to make t-shirts and sell them on this blog, but maybe I will just try to make a single running shirt for now. I just checked the domain name and most are already taken, I wonder if they are being used?

Last week I saw “Chariots of Fire” for the first time. It was pretty good, the music was really dated and didn’t work for me. It was also very religious with the one runner being Jewish and the other refusing to compete on Sunday. It was a favorite movie of my college roommate who was also a runner and is pretty religious, I can see how it appealed to him. As for me, I liked the aspect of standing up for his convictions, but it didn’t really work for me. I was hoping to feel inspired, but I really didn’t. My next running movie I am going to re-watch is Run Lola Run, a very good French thriller. I have the soundtrack on my Ipod and I love running to it, great German rock/metal.

I also recently saw an interesting movie called District 13, another French flick. This was an action movie, but instead of car chases they did parkour. Parkour is style of free running where nothing stops the runner from continuing. All obstacles are overcome. Here is a great parkour scene from District 13. An example of its popularity in the mainstream, their was a great parkour scene in the James Bond flick Casino Royale. For those of you interested in trying it out, here is a tutorial on rolling. I have always wanted to do parkour on a more serious level. I even found a tumbling course where the instructor did parkour and would be willing to tailor it for me. I chickened out. I’ll have to be satisfied with my log jumps in the canyon, though after watching that rolling tutorial, I am getting re-inspired.

So I finished up the week getting over 20 miles for the fifth week in a row. I am really noticing a change in my conditioning. Now my biggest challenge is going to be losing some pounds. I am at 187 right now, and if I could get to 175 I would feel a lot better about continuing the mileage. I know my knees wouldn’t mind. I have been lucky to have few problems with my knees in general. I have noticed on the days when I do 8+ mile runs, I have been getting a bit sore. Nothing major, but enough to make me want to ice them and be careful with my stretching.

Today on my run (and several times recently) I have been focusing on breathing from the belly. As much as it might not look so great, it does allow you to bring more oxygen into the lower portions of your lungs. I have been lucky to have pretty good lung capacity (I won the underwater swimming contest in Long Island NY in 1972 when I vowed to stay under until I saw my rival Alex’s ankles!) I find myself doing the belly breathing when I am getting most pooped. I have been trying to shift to it, when my breathing wants to switch from 2 in, 3 out to 2 in, 2 out. Using the deep belly breathing allows me to continue breathing 2-3. This then gives me another level I can step it up to if I need to.