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Six runs in a row with rain

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

One thing I do that I would recommend to every runner is to keep a dairy of your runs. Many people write everything down in a journal, I wish I did that actually so I could have a permanent (as permanent as paper is) record of my running. I use an electronic running diary that I got for free. It keeps a little database on my hard drive and keeps track of things like route, type of run, how I was feeling, weather, distance and time. It also keeps track of what shoes I am wearing which is great to easily pull up how many miles you have burned through. So, I bring this up cause I noticed that today was the sixth rainy run in a row I have done. Sounds like running in Portland in the fall. Today’s wet weather run was a lot different than my nice drizzle yesterday. Today was colder, windier and the rain was coming down harder for about 3/4s of the run. I was bundled up with my tights, gloves, cold weather shirt and rain jacket. It felt great at first, but about halfway through I was too hot. First off came the gloves, then I had to stop to take off my cold weather shirt. I sometimes feel like a one-man band with everything hanging off of me, bandanna, water bottle, jacket or shirts tied around my waist, radio, hats, etc.

I use a site reporting tool on my blog that gives me pretty detailed reports about who visits, how long they stay, how they got there and search terms if they used a search engine. The two most popular sets of terms for arriving here are “bee stings ms” and “numb foot ms”. I don’t know that I will explore the bee stings more, but I am sure to write more about numb feet and my issues with it. It amazes me the global reach that blogs have, I have readers (well people who found the blog anyway) from all over the world.