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Running with a full belly

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Today I ate a pretty solid lunch around 1:00. As the afternoon wore on I got to a point where I was waiting for stuff on all of my projects. And it was actually sunny out, what a great time for a run. Except for the full belly. But I decided to go anyway. Since I didn’t want to run into someone on my base route, I decided to head up to Mt Tabor which is in the opposite direction. After about 10 blocks my belly was really yelling at me. In addition I wore a tight first layer which made me feel even fuller. Ugg, soon I felt like I could barely move, but I kept going. Once I got to the foot of the volcano, I decided to take a gel I had brought just in case and I am glad I had it. I needed all the energy I could muster.

I also ran with my iPhone stashed in my water belt. It worked ok, but I am afraid it is going to get all scratched up in there. I think I will wait until I get some of the protective plastic sheets for the screen. The other thing I am really worried about is the headphone jack, the bane of all things MP3 player. As it presses against anything it starts to get loose, soon you have a connection where one side or both pop in and out. I have been pretty careful with my iPod and it has lasted a very respectful time, so I am going to treat the phone with kid gloves. Which apparently it needs anyway. Don’t even talk bad about your iPhone while it is around or it will stop working. It just might anyway.

Apparently the Dilantin I am taking for the seizures (do I even have them anymore) is causing problems in my liver, elevated GGI levels which can lead to a medically induced case of hepatitis. Good news is that it goes away pretty quickly when you stop taking the medication that is causing it. Plus I have been wanting to try weaning myself from it anyway, so I am going to slowly decrease my dose and see what happens.

My last couple of runs have been great, I haven’t written about them because I have been swamped by work. Now I intend to be swamped by sleep, so I am now signing off.