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Back to an average run

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Lately I have had a good amount of success when it comes to running improvements. Yearly PR after PR have fallen, everyday has show a new level of physical performance (wow that sounds really good! Way better than the reality!) While this is a great thing at some point it has to end. Improvement has to peak somewhere, sometime. We reach plateaus that aren’t easily broached. A malaise starts up as the falling PRs become a thing of the past. Why am I no longer improving? Waaaaah! So that isn’t going to happen with me. I am fine with an average run and today was one of those despite my pace being faster than 9:30. Run felt great, I feel great, and I didn’t push myself beyond what I can comfortably deal with (especially with a rehearsal tonight).

Knowledge from the numbers can be a tricky thing. It can be illuminating and inspiring. It can also be depressing and discouraging. Still I think ew are better off knowing what is going on with our runs in order to maximize what we get out of them. Plus it is kind of fun sometimes trying to run down a PR, heck even holding back on the running to maintain a low HR can be fun (maybe I have gone off the edge here.)

It’s getting to that time of year when I need to start dragging water around with me when I run. Slow sips really help with the dehydration issues from a hot run. Gotta drag it out of my equipment crate! Actually a new water bottle carrier is probably in my near future as my old one was getting pretty worn and crappy (IIRC the belt has to be attached with safety pins (just like my HR strap)). New gear!

Cooler weather and more miles

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Our weather has taken a cooler turn, not great for sun bathing but great for running. Its still warm enough to run in shorts but cool enough to merit gloves and a jacket, at least for the start of my runs.

I have been thinking that I am establishing a new base run, one that is shorter than the 6-8 I used to run just last year. My new base is around 5.25 miles and I want to start increasing that a bit and get it back close to the eight I was doing regularly. Mostly I am wanting this for the calorie burn, I am getting tired of performing in a tight vest! I need some breathing room! I don’t think it will take much to get back to a weight I am happy with, more than likely 10 pounds or so. As far as the rebif injections go, they seem to be less painful (er, uncomfortable?) a this weight than 10 pound from here. Still I think I’ll sacrifice the discomfort for the comfort of a loose vest!

On the band side we crushed out Kickstarter goal of 10K a few days ago. We have a fundraiser dinner tonight to create some gravy for us. It will help with the distribution of rewards which I think are going to surprise us cost wise…

Still liking the new shoes a lot. I have been feeling a burning sensation in my little tow for no apparent reason. Seems to go away after a bit of time. Hopefully not the start of something else…

Another break and back.

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I ran today after another break, this one two weeks long. The first week I had lots of music to play and last week I was in Winslow and for some reason I didn’t run there at all despite bringing shoes and gear. I did a newish route for six miles at 10:30 pace, slow and easy. Not only was this my first run back from break, but it was my first rainy run too. The Altra shoes did really well, no slipping. I am glad I tried the zero-drop shoes, I like them. And they have a lot of room in the toe box for my feet. My gate seems to have changed a bit, landing more toward the toe. But I am still shooting for a mid-strike.

My new route took me south on my usual run through Woodstock and East Moreland. Then I continues past the golf course and came up the windy and hilly Bybee. The through reed and home. I did a lot of stretching last night and I think that helped to make this run more enjoyable. Even the rain was nice, steady but lite. I was going to rake leaves after finishing, but a warm shower won out. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a short one in.

Third 20ish mile week in a row

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

I have been getting a lot of running in recently and today finished up a third 20ish mile week in a row. This week was closer to 24 miles and I am feeling the improvement. My feet are pretty sore still, nothing changing there. I still have hopes that I’ll be able to get used to extra miles. Today I did a short 4 mile run. I was tired from the last two runs but I wanted to keep up with my running and not take too many days off. Earlier this week I really exhausted myself on a fast and hot 8 mile run. Then followed that up with a solid base run before todays 3-day in a row 4 miler. Today just getting out on the streets was more important than how far I went.

Good solid run today

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

After a couple cups of coffee and some toast I took to the streets. I started out a bit slowly energy wise, but decided I would pick up the pace a bit and after a mile or so I was warmed up enough to feel pretty good about my pace. I don’t know how often I will include this in my posts (if history is any indicator, never…) but here is my run on Garmin Connect. The thing I am most happy with is my pace, first one under 10 minute mile pace in a couple months. I had to push myself several times to make sure I would do it. The last mile was a little tough, but I realized at one point that I could ease up a bit and sort of coast (though I really didn’t). Really the only mile I didn’t do well on is the fifth mile which was mostly up hill out of the canyon and reed college.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t have pushed out such a quality run today as I have rehearsal tonight. But I actually feel pretty good. I am getting enough recovery fluids and I should be fine tonight. Though I wish I was not doing anything. It will be good to rehearse, we have some shows coming up.

I have been experiencing some knee pain which is a new thing for me. But today they seem fine. Maybe it is just a matter of getting back into the grind of running again that was stressing them. Also my ankles have been a tad sore as well, but they seem fine today. Feels really good to have such a good run, inspires me to keep it going!

Short run on the waterfront

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

And by one of my favorite sections of the waterfront, from Steel Bridge to Alber’s Mill. I kept us running slow so it was a pretty easy run, though I always push my pace a bit when I run with my running partner. It was pretty chilly this morning but I managed without tights. I have been slowing us down lately on our runs together. My running partner has been really working hard on her cross training and swimming and so far she has been running at a fast pace during her build-up after her leg injury. It was a good run and we added on a good walk after our 3 miles.

I felt a bit bad today not doing Portland’s ms walk. I din’t wear orange either, which I guess is now our color? Glad I like it. There were a lot of people out for it today. Kind of funny that for most of the day they were just in my way. But I am really glad all you ms walkers came out today. I have to say it wasn’t advertised very well, at least they didn’t reach me about the event until a couple weeks ago in passing in an article. I actually forgot it was today until a bunch of girls got on my bus with faces painted with ms suxz.

The frequency of my runs has been really high. Today marked three running days in a row, seven of the last eight. Most of them have been shorter runs of 3-5 miles. I probably won’t run tomorrow (but I might) since I have a long rehearsal tomorrow night.

Running in the cold

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

In my effort of get back into regular running, I decided I needed to go early to make sure I actually did my run. I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday where I didn’t run right off the bat and figured I just go later when I got around to it. Well I never got around to it. So out of bed and into running duds seemed to be what I needed to do, and it worked.

Adding an extra challenge to the run was the temperature. It was really cold, in the 30s. Wasn’t quite freezing, but it sure felt close. I wore my heavy running shirt and my running jacket, gloves and tights, bandanna and hat. And I was still freezing, especially my hands. Oddly when I put on my jacket I felt some lumps in the pockets. I reached in and found my shell gloves that I wore the other day in the rain. I left them on the counter and regretted that moments into my run. I could have used the extra layer on my hands.

My feet were also really cold, though fortunately they were and remained throughout the run, dry. The problem was that they felt really stiff in my shoes and started to get really uncomfortable. Maybe my feet swell a bit in the cold as well. Not really sure, but they suffered through most of the run.

In addition to the rain, the cold and lack of light, I realized another negative factor facing the Portland runner: fireplace smoke. Pretty much throughout my entire run I smelled fires. At times it was thick enough to make me cough. Ridiculous! At least its not as bad as burning garbage which I often smell in my neighborhood. Crimony, isn’t this a city we live in? Fireplace smoke I can understand to a certain degree. I really can’t see how the city can maintain air quality with it going on though. Of course people would scream bloody murder if the guv-a-munt tried to take away their fires!

Recovery Day

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Today I did a recovery run and it went really well. My HR spiked at the start despite my best efforts to keep it down. I am actually not even sure it was that high and that it wasn’t a connectivity issue. After the first quarter mile I moistened the back of the monitor in hopes of getting a more accurate reading, but the HR stayed up until I had gone a half mile or so then it settled down below 140. My average BpM was 134, about ten less than I was aiming and I ended up having very few spikes. Even the hills coming out of reed couldn’t push it over 144. It wasn’t until I took a big leap over a puddle that it spiked a bit, but it quickly settled down.

I am thinking this run today was an indicator of my improving fitness, makes me very happy.

Keeping it going

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Ugh, lately I have had some difficulty in keeping the running going. Mostly has to do with time, but also laziness (and rain) has been an issue. I just read an interesting article on exercise and ms. Sounds like I am on the right path… working properly again

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

After I updated WordPress to 3.1, the blog defaulted to the latest post and stayed there. All new posts weren’t visible unless you used breadcrumb nav to get to them. It was really frustrating. I totally reinstalled WP and the default page reset to the latest post again and stayed there. I had looked around a couple of times, both searches ended in frustration and futility. Today I looked again and found an obscure post that mentioned something like this could be caused by using a redirection plug-in for error pages. As it turned out, I had it. So I switched it off and we are back in business!.