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Running in the rain

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Ahh, back to running. We had family in town for the past week and Ruthann was organizing our neighborhood picnic, so we have been very busy these last 7 days. No time for running or blogging, or anything else for that matter. My mom and her husband left yesterday, but I managed to get a good run in in the morning. I wore my brand new New Balance 800s. I should have run a shorter run with them first to break them in, but I kicked out 9 miles, I was just to anxious to get back. It was also rainy after several days of really hot weather. I was a little dissapointed that the traction on them was not the greatest. It was some of the first rain we have had in awhile, so perhaps it was the oils on the road. Today I went out again in the rain and decided to wear my old Mizunos, I couldn’t bring myself to wear my new ones yet, guess I’ll keep them prostine for another day or so. Plus I think I will go out with them tomorrow for a short run to break them in since they will be my primary shoes for the next 500 miles or so.

Back to the New Balance 800s, overall I liked them a lot. They really do force a mid foot-strike that was very comfortable. Oddly they don’t have a tongue and are a little hard to get on, but not horribly so. They are very lite and comfortable. They seem like a small shoe in the sole, but they are supposed to be a trail shoe, so I imagine they are tough (I hope.) I did notice that my orthotics do not fit in them, so I would guess they run small, like say by a half size. I ended up using my inserts I just got in them for a little extra comfort. I do really like the way my feet land so flatly, I am curious to see how much I continue to enjoy that in the future.

Yesterday I took it pretty slowly and got passed by a number of other runners. I’m not so sure I like that! Might be the incentive I needed to get started on my speed work.