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440 intervals

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Before I went to bed last night I thought about what I would be doing on my run today. I have a meeting this afternoon so I had time to run in the morning. I managed to pump myself up for a quality run at the track. Of course that was before I went to sleep. When the morning light woke me up I didn’t quite feel as enthusiastic as I had the night before. The light looked gray outside beyond my curtains, but I didn’t hear any rain drops. A cup of coffee and half a Clif bar later I was at the precipice of procrastination. But my desire to run was just enough to get me going and I took off out the door radio in ear, gel in flask. Unfortunately I forgot my water. When I realized it I was two blocks away and it was just too far to go back. So I continued on.

I was going to track but I didn’t have any concrete plan as to what I would do there. I could run my usual straights and curves, but I sort of wanted to mix it up a bit. Plus I think it is time to push myself a bit at the track and do a harder workout (not that S&Cs are easy mind you.) It was between running 440 or 220 intervals. The 440s sounded appealing from a challenge standpoint, but the 220s also sounded good as they would be a little easier. Additionally I wanted to make sure I got at least eight miles in to keep me on my road to 40 for the week, though I am skeptical about that. I missed running Mon and Tues so I would need to do eight today, then again Sat and Sun. It will make for five days of running in a row, and six if I consider next week (if I missed another Monday then I’d be facing the same situation and I’d rather have a rest day toward the end of the week like Fri or Sat. So with all that to consider I decided on the 440s with a 220 recovery. I could do six intervals in nine laps if I pushed it and then make up the rest on a longer cool down run.

The first one saw my HR get up really high as I rounded the track at the end of the lap: 180+. I backed off a little on the second and kept it under that mark. But the third and fourth were all over 180. My recoveries brought my HR back down to 145 or so, so I felt really good about that. The fifth one was rough, I was starting to feel really beat and considered heading back home. But somehow I managed to convince myself that I could go one more time and I did. Phew, great day at the track! But I still had another 3-4 miles to go to get my miles in.

Just outside the track is Powell Blvd. a pretty busy road. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t make the light, a little reprieve was very welcome especially considering the two block hill that was waiting beyond. Slowly I reached the top and headed towards reed. I decided to skirt the campus and backtrack my usual route, the last part of which is once again up hill for several blocks. I broke off from campus and headed towards Berkley Park to make sure I got my eight in. Before I hit the park I realized that I would be going too far, so I veered east and was faced with once again another huge hill. It is one of the killers in my hill workout (which I haven’t done for a long time, but soon…) Once look at the last steep portion made me turn around and continue toward the park which would also have a hill though not as steep. I ended up compromising and once again turning east a block before the park. The hill was still tough, but not the monster from several blocks back. Off I went.

The rest of the run was pretty flat once I managed to get above the ridge separating Woodstock from East Moreland. I slowly trudged the last mile and was very happy to see my puppy’s expecting look at the window. She helped me stretch out by licking the sweat off of me. Great run! Next up an eight mile recovery. Or maybe less and then longer Sunday. 40 is still in the cards!

Track work

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Visitors in town last week brought on a four day layoff from running. While I blame them, really it was just a convenient excuse to postpone making the switch to early morning heat avoidance runs. Seriously my laziness is getting out of hand! I’ll get in the groove of it, I just need to commit to setting my alarm and dragging my butt out of bed. So today was a start. I didn’t set the alarm but I let the sun wake me up instead. I had committed last night to doing a quality run of some sort, so I rolled out of bed and got ready.

The track was relatively empty this morning so I had my choice of lanes. I like to start on the outside and make my way toward the inner lane, changing lanes every lap as a way to keep count. Seems to work out well. I manage to do three miles of straights and curves with a 2.25 mi warm up and 3.25 on the back end. It was really cool this morning and it made for a great run. Now I just need to keep up with these morning runs.

I also think I would like to do an occasional hot daytime run, maybe even schedule one in every week. As long as I keep hydrated I think I would see some benefit form doing it.

Another 10 miles another dollar

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Well it would be if I were getting paid to do this. I think it would be really interesting to be a paid athlete. I am not so sure I would like the fact that my getting old would keep me from getting paid, not to mention that I am old. I wonder if I would get bored training everyday 2,3 times a day. I bet it would get old. I do think it would be fun to be a track coach and watch your athletes grow. I wonder if it is hard to deal with the jealousy aspect?

So today’s run. I decided to head to Cleveland Track for the first time in years. I was looking forward to the run for a variety of reasons, but chief among them was the opportunity to run on their new track. Once I got there I realized the track project has been put on hold and I was going to run on the old one. It does need some work (new surfacing) but it actually isn’t to bad. There is one area where the surfaced ares inside the ring jets out onto the track a bit with a bump that could be stumbled on. I do know a new track is in the plans, just not sure when.

Well as it turns out the answer is a google search away. You can read all about the project here on there website I just called to donate to the project and left a message with the project manager. Looks like they need a significant amount of funding to finish up the track.

I love running on this track. Two years ago I was king of the track, very few people would pass me. I also had the cheerleaders practicing in the mornings. I always felt sort of like an old pervert running while they were cheering. I swear I was running there before they started practicing! These days no cheerleaders (at least when I went today) and I got passed up quite a bit! The fast runners couldn’t put in the miles I did though.

One of my favorite things to do there I call 8-1, 1-8. What that means is I start in the outer lane (lane 8) and each lap around I move in one lane. It helps to keep track of where I am. An 8-1 is two miles, today I added a 1-8 to make it 16 laps or 4 miles on the track. Track running is great cause you don’t have any obstacles (usually, though Saturday morn after a football game is pretty messy) and you can just sort of zone out and focus on your running, foot strike, breathing, arm form, pace, music, etc. I love it. The south end turns into the sun (always run counter-clockwise on tracks unless it is empty) and I just close my eyes and wait until the shade. As I curve along the gentle curve I just crack my eyelids enough to see the blurry lane lines to make sure I keep in my lane. So zen!