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Springwater Corridor

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Today I decided to deviate from my normal route a bit and take the longer Springwater Corridor option. Springwater Corridor is part of the 40 mile loop in Portland and is 21 miles long going from Boring to Eastside Portland across the Willamette river from downtown. The segment I ran today went from 39th over what is known as the Three Bridges, can you guess why? This portion was completed several years ago and connected the bulk of the corridor with the Moreland segment of the loop. The bridges cross railroad tracks, McLoughland Blvd and and Johnson Creek. It is a nice flat run and completely free of road traffic other than speeding bikes who refuse to courteously warn you they are coming “On your Left”. Do you sense a pet peeve?

After my journey across the Three Bridges I make my way through W. Moreland neighborhood including a really nice part through a large park complete with a lake and tons of geese and ducks. I like to talk to them as I run, I’m not so sure they enjoy it as much as I.

The next portion of the run winds through the up scale East Moreland neighborhood. Not only is it “up scale” it is also “up”, so my pace slowed down considerably as I made my way back to Woodstock. I didn’t bring water with me today as it was really cool out so a water fountain in a park on the border was my inspiration to keep going.

Hydrated I continued on with the final two miles through Woodstock and back to the house. All toll the run was just under nine miles. A really nice long run that brings my weekly total to 27 miles, the longest I have done in awhile. Four running days and the opportunity for one more tomorrow though I doubt I will.

I have been working on a project to build a social media widget for a client. Once it is deployed it is easy for someone to get there own and install it on a variety of different platforms from facebook, to blogs, web pages to your desktop. SO I have been trying to come up with an idea for the technology and today it dawned on me that I could make one to track my rebif injections and warn me of the days that I need to do it and where I should inject. Hurray! So look for that here!