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Hardest run of the year

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Yowza, what a run. Those who know my running distances are saying, wow Marco did you run 15 miles? 20? even? Nope, I only put in just over 5. Well you must have run it at break-neck speed then? Nope to that as well, I ended up running slightly slower than I usually have been doing at about an 8:45 minute mile. So what’s the deal? It was hot and humid and even though there were a lot of clouds around, they never seemed to give me too much relief from the sun. I really had to push myself to get through this one. I think I may have also been feeling a tad tired and not totally nurished. I had a dr appt for a cholesterol check in the morning, so I couldn’t eat and then I had an excrutiatingly long wait in the office as well. My lunch of leftover pasta after I got back turned out to be no good as it was spoiled (Mom if you a reading, yes it was that pasta we had) so I didn’t it and had something else that wasn’t as carbolicious. I did drink a full bottle of water on the run and actually even considered refilling it at the park but I was close enough to home to get some electrolite replacement drinks when I got there.

I did wear my trail shoes (I am convinced that the model of New Blanaces I got was not the one that Chi Running recommended, but an older version of the 800) and enjoyed running through several unimproved roads and then some trails. I like them a lot, I just wish they weren’t so tight. I can almost wear them with no laces as there is no tongue, almost like a slipper. I wore them on my walk to the dr’s office (I can’t wait to say “When I was a boy I had to walk 2 miles just to see my doctor…don’t know who I will say that to…) and they made good walking shoes. Now if I could just find some shoes that were somewhat attractive, then I would be set.

I finished the book onthe Bunion Derby, the transcontinetal foot race CC Pyle’s Amazing Footrace. Great book and amazing story. Sadly it was full of hucksterism, but I think even the runners sort of expected that. The winners did get paid at the end, but the promised prizes throughout the race never happened. CC Pyle even made the 55 remaining (200 started) runners run a 26 hr. marathon around an oval in Madison Sqr Garden after the race was done in hopes of raising money to pay the atheletes from the Bunion Derby. His big finishing run was expected to attract tens of thousands and bring him teh financial windfall he was looking for, instead only 300 people showed up.