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Another speech recognition test

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

So I am attempting to write the blog, or I should say speak the blog in Internet explorer and the speech recognition seems to work here. So I guess that is what I need to do if I don’t want to type. I think this will be more useful for my class. They think years that IE would work since it is a vista product. So there we go.

Speaking of running

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Today I am trying out the speech recognition that comes with Vista. I took the tutorial and was really excited to speak my blog post today. Apparently I can’t type into firefox, but I can speak and have it type into wordpad. So then I guess I would need to copy and paste it into the browser. It is still pretty cool, I wish you were better in firefox.

Today I went on my normal run and I decided to go on the Springwater Corridor. There is a neighborhood in the area that I’ve always wanted to go to but I don’t know where it is. I have been there before and gone running there. But it has always been a mystery to me as to where it is. I knew the general area but not exactly. I love the neighborhood there are lots of trees perfect for running. It’s very small maybe a square mile. The house is a very nice, very expensive, lots of ranch homes. There is not very much traffic which is obviously perfect. And of course I love the shade.

So I went down the three bridges trail and after the end where I normally turn right into East Moreland. But instead I kept going straight thinking that eventually I would find it. After a block the road turn left and if I were to go straight out would be running on railroad tracks. I don’t like running on railroad tracks as they use large course rocks, I guess to offer stability for the tracks. Not the best running surface. Sometimes I have found a trail along the tracks so I continued with high hopes. As I got closer to the tracks lo and behold there was the entrance to the neighborhood of mystery. So I headed in to the shaded blocks. It was just as I had remembered. The people must like living there as there were not very many for sale signs. The entire south side is abut a golf course. As the road swung around to the north I followed it until I reached the north west corner. There was an entrance or I should say exit that let out to the neighborhood of sellwood. I found an Italian restaurant that I want to go to, they appear to have a number of vegetarian options. I also ran by a music shall that does repairs. I think I will bring my sax there.

At this point I decided to head east toward home. I crossed the bridge into east Moreland. That neighborhood was having a neighborhood wide garage sale or I should say sales. They think their junk is worth more than others. I didn’t find anything, but I didn’t really look. I did scout out some free boxes but found nothing I wanted to carry with me. I was getting pretty tired at this point but I still wanted to run in the canyon. So I get back to my normal route and headed for the canyon. As usual it was wonderful down there. Out of the canyon I was really pooped. I thought about walking home but I wanted to push myself. So I continued running. I actually felt pretty good for the full run despite being a little tired. All in all I ran 11 1/4 miles. It was a great run my feet hurt a little bit but not to that bad. I was telling myself to make sure that may be landed properly, a focused on a heel strike and tried to minimize my impact on the balls of my feet. It seemed to help quite a bit.

So this experiment would speech recognition has been kind of interesting for the blog. I wish I could’ve just type it right into firefox, but that’s OK. I wonder if I could use this for my class, I hope I don’t have the same problems that I had with firefox. I wonder if Internet explorer would make any difference.