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Another day, another run

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

To follow up on my previous post, my exhaustion experiment was a moderate success. After the shorter run I hit practice up and it went ok. I was a little tired and had some moderate focussing issues, but it wasn’t too bad. Part of that could have been due to the band working on some new and difficult pieces, but I do think the run had its affect. I am going to attempt this again and see if I notice some patterns (well more patterns than I already see).

On other notes I am having an issue with my Altras and am exchanging them. First about two weeks ago the logo pealed off. I didn’t really care as it was just a decal that floated on the middle of the side, I actually applauded the logo falling off, but hoped it wasn’t an indication of some sort of glueing defect. Everything else seemed fine and properly attached. Then today on the same side of the same shoe another part started peeling off and this seemed more structural than decoration. So I will try another pair and see how that goes. I hope it will be ok as I really like this model.

This week I have been battling a cold I brought back with me from our Reno trip, mostly a head cold and a bit in the lungs. On Monday I went for my first run in two weeks after the trip and the cold. I chugged along but it felt pretty good. About halfway through I was getting warm so I stripped off my jacket. I usually don’t stop to unzip it and just pull it over my head on the go, which I did again. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pinch/cramp in my upper back. I stopped and walked for a bit hoping it was more of a stitch and would go away, but it didn’t in fact it just got worse. Figures I was at the halfway point of my run, quite possibly as far away as I could be on this route and I slowly made my way home. That night I took a anti-inflamatory that I had laying around and smoked some indica, a strain meant for pain relief and threw in some icing. I think both helped tremendously as I felt a bit better the next day, so I repeated my relief the next night as well. I was really worried that I was going to have a longer recovery, but my se;f prescribed methods seemed to do the trick and I was able to run today. I also kept active after I did whatever I did and went on a couple longer slow walks.

Today’s run went well, somewhat slow (10 min miles exactly), actually probably a bit faster, but my first 1.25 miles didn’t register as I had turned off my watch instead of disabling the watch bevel (it was raining a bit and leaving the watch face active tends to cause trouble in the rain, my jacket sleeve sometimes causes issues too.) So I had to edit my run on and I just went with the same speed as the rest of the run. The run itself was a good one and I felt strong throughout. I was not so happy with the rain and cold (it was warm for the last couple of days when my back was out, grrr) but it wasn’t too bad.I took a short walk at one point, but jumped back into normal pace pretty quickly up a hill that I could have easily walked. Good run.

Garmin issues. Since I switched over to the new Garmin Connect system I have had nothing but trouble with the watch syncing with the computer. It is supposed to immediately sync once you are within range, and that is how the old system worked. But with Connect I seem to be a run behind and often it won’t let me re-sync to get today’s run into the system. I have tried to massage the settings on the watch and thought I had it figured out, but apparently not. Still I was able to manually sync today and get the system to acknowledge that I ran today (as well as my last run which wasn’t showing up either). I do like the watch a lot and would probably get another when this one finally dies, but I am starting to get a bit frustrated with it.

Long run in the cold

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

I took a couple of days off due to the cold temps and an ugly hangover (just cause it is free doesn’t mean you should drink it!) I was especially bummed about missing my Monday long run as I had done it for four weeks in a row, but I was playing music that night for New Years. Fast forward to Wednesday with the recovered hangover in the works I braved the cold wind and hit the roads.

I wasn’t sure how far I’d go today but I started out thinking I’d do 10K, my typical run. As often happens when a run feels good I added another couple miles. The winds were pretty stout, but not as bad as they were at home in the upper elevations of Woodstock (make it sound mountainous doesn’t it!) So I decided to re-route and run 10+ miles. It was a great run (though cold and windy (have I mentioned that yet?)) and I found a good way to end my long runs – at the track. This way I can add however much I need to to get to whatever distance I am shooting for. Worked out really well as my run was about a half mile short of goal distance, so I added a few laps and it worked out perfectly.

I am pretty sore right now, I wonder if the cold had anything to do with that. Even my core was feeling it with a couple miles to go. I wonder if I was clenching my muscles or something? Even my feet were feeling it, not like I was running on glaciers but it felt like it.

Running in the cold

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

It is so hard to run in the cold. It’s not bad at all once I get going, it is the “getting going” part that I have trouble with. I often find myself over-layering up. Feels fine (or less cold) when I am starting, but soon I am stripping layers off and tying them around my waist. This isn’t such a huge deal and the least of my problems with cold weather running. With a little planning on a layering strategy it becomes a piece of cake. Sometimes it is hard to know what layers should go where, but usually I find that layering my running jacket as the first to come off is a pretty good idea. The water-resistant material gives me a nice insulating layer that traps my body heat in pretty well. So when I am starting to warm up taking that off makes a refreshing difference. I also find my self occasionally layering my gloves. I use a liner material glove on the inside and a wind-resistant pair on the outside. Its actually not too often I do this and in Portland I find myself removing this pretty quickly (which is also refreshing!) Even taking off a single pair of gloves can have a positive effect on my runs. The again so can leaving them on!

My typical layering strategy for the top of my body is a running tech shirt as my base. I have a tight long sleeve shirt that works really well for a base layer. This I follow with a warmer/thicker shirt and sometimes even a second one if it is really cold out. Finally I add my jacket which (as I said already) really keeps in the body warmth. I usually tie removed layers around my waist, I have done this with more than one top on occasion, but usually I have one ties this way. This sometimes requiers an adjustment of my headphone cord (I like to keep it under a shirt to keep it out of the way) and ipod (I sometimes will have to slip it under the next layer). But I also find that I get lazy and just wrap the cord with my tied sleeves.

For my head I’ll wear a bandanna and a hat or sometimes a balaklava. The balaklava gets really hot, but I find that I can roll it up and get some air in on my neck and face which helps to regulate heat a bit. And you get the added benefit of looking like a super-hero!

For my lower I usually wear a pair of basic cotton tights over compression shorts then top this off with a pair of running shorts. I know I would benefit from paying a bit more for better tights, but I sweat so much in them I’d rather have multiple pairs of cotton ones (maybe I wouldn’t sweat so much if I had wicking tights…) I have to draw a gear line somewhere! I still like to wear ankle socks and often will have my ankles exposed to the cold, doesn’t seem to bother me much and I think it also helps to regulate my temp a bit. Some people like to wear the leg warmers (wait, am I still in the 80s?) which are actually compression leggings, but I pass on that.

I have thought about getting a pair of those slip-on snow cleats as well, but if there is snow on the ground I am usually indoors, so maybe I am better served saving my money. Still a pair would probably be good just for general walking on snow days. Hmmm.

I find myself keeping a real sharp eye out for ice in the winter too. Usually it is not too bad, I am going slow enough to avoid any sneaky black ice. But there are times, especially at the end of runs where I will space ut a bit and forget I need to be careful. Fortunately, these are few and far between.


Monday, November 21st, 2011

For some reason I am finding it particualrly tough to get into running this winter (yes I am calling it winter!) I am not sure if has more to do with my busy schedule or a general dislike of the cold wet. I thibk I am mostly ok with the weather and lack of light, but both probably play a part in how lazy I have been feeling about running.

I notice myself putting on weight after my summer trim down. You’d think this would inspire me to get moving again and perhaps it will. I am feeling more flabby than fat, but still that shoukd be enou to get me running again. I am sure it will and my music scheduke seems to be lightening a little bit. Still have a lot to do in at area and I don’t like to run on days I have rehearsal as (I have mentioned this in the past) I get fatigued and have trouble conentrating on the music. Perhaps I just need to adjust my runnign patterns and run shorter distances on rehearsal days. I guess I just have to deal with my dislike of gearing up for short distances.

A new pair of shoes might be good inspiration as well and I getting close to needing them. I suppose I should start combing ebay for two new(ish) pairs to cycle through. I am also considerign trying a new model/brand. I like my Aisacs Gel Kayanos well enough, but I am temped to get into the whole natural running and try one of the non-Vibram models. I am not a fan of teh Vibram foot shape, so perhaps I’ll try a pair of Newtons. We’ll see.

Running in the cold

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

In my effort of get back into regular running, I decided I needed to go early to make sure I actually did my run. I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday where I didn’t run right off the bat and figured I just go later when I got around to it. Well I never got around to it. So out of bed and into running duds seemed to be what I needed to do, and it worked.

Adding an extra challenge to the run was the temperature. It was really cold, in the 30s. Wasn’t quite freezing, but it sure felt close. I wore my heavy running shirt and my running jacket, gloves and tights, bandanna and hat. And I was still freezing, especially my hands. Oddly when I put on my jacket I felt some lumps in the pockets. I reached in and found my shell gloves that I wore the other day in the rain. I left them on the counter and regretted that moments into my run. I could have used the extra layer on my hands.

My feet were also really cold, though fortunately they were and remained throughout the run, dry. The problem was that they felt really stiff in my shoes and started to get really uncomfortable. Maybe my feet swell a bit in the cold as well. Not really sure, but they suffered through most of the run.

In addition to the rain, the cold and lack of light, I realized another negative factor facing the Portland runner: fireplace smoke. Pretty much throughout my entire run I smelled fires. At times it was thick enough to make me cough. Ridiculous! At least its not as bad as burning garbage which I often smell in my neighborhood. Crimony, isn’t this a city we live in? Fireplace smoke I can understand to a certain degree. I really can’t see how the city can maintain air quality with it going on though. Of course people would scream bloody murder if the guv-a-munt tried to take away their fires!

So much for 40

Monday, February 28th, 2011

My goal was to hit 40 miles this week, making the sixth week in a row I have been able to increase my miles by 10%. My total this week was closer to the average temperature over the last six days, and it was freakin’ cold. So cold that I decided to pass running all week until today. It was actually sort of nice to have a break. I guess I’ll be well rested for an increase this week. Last year I ran through some really cold days and I did a few this year also. But I did notice that I was much more wimpy about the cold this year.

Today I managed to brave the cold (it was supposed to be warmer and it was, but the wind kicked up) and go for a base run. It felt really good to run again, after six days of nothing I was going a bit stir crazy. Its weird the depression that you can find yourself in with no exercise. I feel sluggish, fat, like I am eating all wrong. Of course I am gonna celebrate tonight and eat like crap (kettle corn and basketball), so I guess I can still feel that way. But its a good feeling to break the string of no runs.

Running in the cold

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Last night in a brave attempt to beat the cold and our dwindling weekly runs my running partner and I hit the roads for a six mile evening run. We even unbeknown to either of us, celebrated the holiday season by bedecking ourselves in red and green blinking lights. Off we went to stave away the 22 degree night, me with five upper layers, she with three.

We tried for a slow pace and were successful, ending up doing a 10:10 pace. At about four miles into it as we started to cross the west bridge over the Reed canyon and onto campus. The run started getting tough for me. I have been battling a chest thing that is annoying but hasn’t affected my lower lungs and has allowed me to keep running (except for the last two days). But I kept with it and pushed through. We slowed down a little for our climb past the art dept and through the east field up to Woodstock. Both of us are doing this part stronger now, we have yet to walk any part of it.

So my five layers tonight. I started out with a tight breathable shirt made out of “rubber band” material (as my friend calls it). Good for the cold, bad for public… Then I added a cool max running shirt, then a thin fleece shirt, next my warm weather running shirt. Lastly I wrapped all of this in my running wind jacket, bright orange reflective fabric to aid out holiday display.

Tops weren’t the only layers I had. I considered wearing two sets of tights, but settled for one for which I was really glad as halfway though the run I felt like I had too much on as it was. I only wore one pair of running socks, but my running partner donned two including a wool pair which she really likes for keeping her feet warm. I did layer when it came to my gloves wearing a breathable pair of Manzellas under a wind shell pair. My hands were fine the entire run. For headgear I wore my balaclava and a hat (to which I attached my green blinking light. She wore an ear-warming band and a fashionable buff. We were sufficiently bundled, but I think I had a few too many top layers on. Halfway through I could have easily stripped off the fleece (or left it home) but it was too cold to stop and remove layers to get to it. Next time I need to think more about removal strategy!

We ended our run at a great local restaurant for a drink and dinner partly negating the caloric benefit of our run (the cake I had after I got home really did the damage). Our trip home from Toast was super cold, damp clothes and full bellies adding to the 19 degrees it was by that time. It was a great run, (and I am giggling to myself as I actually type this) a courageous run (maybe outrageous is a better word.) Feels good to brave the extreme cold every once in awhile, but I couldn’t do it everyday.

Did I get up this morning for another? Um, no.