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Hard wet run

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Today I hit the roads a bit later than normal first thing usuals. I had TWO cups of coffee as well and not my normal one. In addition it was cold. So are you sensing that I am fishing for an excuse? Well I am . It was not the best run in the world. I kept finding myself hitting that point where I thought I had done just about everything I could do. The good thing for me today was that I kept going, treating it as a step I need to take to get back to good enough shape to do that half-marathon. I wish I were more prepared and more ready, but that damn illness has really set me back. My lungs are still extremely heavy and it gets tough to breathe like I know I can and want to. But I keep pressing forward. Never give up becomes my motto. I’ll hit a point where I want to just walk for a bit and somehow I manage to keep going and not give into the temptation of rest. That said I am not nearly killing myself or anything. It is just a point I know I have reached before and have made it through. It can be done I say to myself.

On another note I seem to see the spells coming back a bit. I have had a couple of instances, mostly it seems to happen when I am exhausted like last week when I did a long run and then raked leaves. I am thinking that my body being overheated is basically the cause. Still it sort of sucks as I thought I had this licked. I actually think I still do, but I have to acknowledge that they are happening again, fortunately not with any sort of regularity like before. I have read about ms symptoms happening, then going away and later returning but with less frequency and intensity. This almost seems like a lesser version even of that as so far it has only happened a couple of times. I gave myself the litty-kitty-kitty test where I say that over an over again. During the spells I can’t say it. So I keep an eye on it and see what happens in the future.

I am wondering if I should get a flu shot. I have never gotten one before. But I read an ms blog that recommended it. I don’t think much of the blog, so I wanted to ask my neurologist about it, but she is on vacation for three more weeks. All my GP said was “Oh sure make an appt and we can give you one.” I don’t want the “opportunity” I want to know if I should or not. Ruthann thinks I should call OHSU and talk to the doc who gave me the second opinion. I don’t know why I am reluctant to do that?

Last night I talked to a friend who was the first person I ever knew who was diagnosed with ms. I remember at the time I found out how bad I felt for her. Then three months later I got my diagnosis, Funny how that works. She had optic nueritus, but hasn’t started any medications yet as the docs feel it is too early. I thought that was a good time to start. Hmmm.