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Night run

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Yesterday morning I was dissapointed in myself for not dragging my but out of bed to go out for a run. All day I thought about it and wished I had gone out. So when evening hit, I thought well I should just brave the dark and go out. I am a bit apprehensive about running in the dark because of visibility issues (both me and the surface). This time of year I get even more concerned about the surface because of all the wet leaves. Not only are they slippery but cover up lots of things I will certainly trip over. But I decided I wouldn’t let it bother me and headed out.

If I got into an area where I was a little worried about the surface I did sort of a high step gate until I got through it. Made it through the entire run without tripping on anything. Also didn’t manage to slip on any wet leaves either, so a great run overall, at least as far as my concerns went. It was also really warm out last night as well, I was down to just a running shirt and I really didn’t need my tights (but I had them on so what are you going to do.)

I did my devils run route (clocks in at 6.66 miles!) which I have to do to avoid running in the canyon when it is wet (or dark for that matter). It adds a bit of miles onto my run (which is good) and is still close to my base run. Good run.