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440 intervals

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Before I went to bed last night I thought about what I would be doing on my run today. I have a meeting this afternoon so I had time to run in the morning. I managed to pump myself up for a quality run at the track. Of course that was before I went to sleep. When the morning light woke me up I didn’t quite feel as enthusiastic as I had the night before. The light looked gray outside beyond my curtains, but I didn’t hear any rain drops. A cup of coffee and half a Clif bar later I was at the precipice of procrastination. But my desire to run was just enough to get me going and I took off out the door radio in ear, gel in flask. Unfortunately I forgot my water. When I realized it I was two blocks away and it was just too far to go back. So I continued on.

I was going to track but I didn’t have any concrete plan as to what I would do there. I could run my usual straights and curves, but I sort of wanted to mix it up a bit. Plus I think it is time to push myself a bit at the track and do a harder workout (not that S&Cs are easy mind you.) It was between running 440 or 220 intervals. The 440s sounded appealing from a challenge standpoint, but the 220s also sounded good as they would be a little easier. Additionally I wanted to make sure I got at least eight miles in to keep me on my road to 40 for the week, though I am skeptical about that. I missed running Mon and Tues so I would need to do eight today, then again Sat and Sun. It will make for five days of running in a row, and six if I consider next week (if I missed another Monday then I’d be facing the same situation and I’d rather have a rest day toward the end of the week like Fri or Sat. So with all that to consider I decided on the 440s with a 220 recovery. I could do six intervals in nine laps if I pushed it and then make up the rest on a longer cool down run.

The first one saw my HR get up really high as I rounded the track at the end of the lap: 180+. I backed off a little on the second and kept it under that mark. But the third and fourth were all over 180. My recoveries brought my HR back down to 145 or so, so I felt really good about that. The fifth one was rough, I was starting to feel really beat and considered heading back home. But somehow I managed to convince myself that I could go one more time and I did. Phew, great day at the track! But I still had another 3-4 miles to go to get my miles in.

Just outside the track is Powell Blvd. a pretty busy road. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t make the light, a little reprieve was very welcome especially considering the two block hill that was waiting beyond. Slowly I reached the top and headed towards reed. I decided to skirt the campus and backtrack my usual route, the last part of which is once again up hill for several blocks. I broke off from campus and headed towards Berkley Park to make sure I got my eight in. Before I hit the park I realized that I would be going too far, so I veered east and was faced with once again another huge hill. It is one of the killers in my hill workout (which I haven’t done for a long time, but soon…) Once look at the last steep portion made me turn around and continue toward the park which would also have a hill though not as steep. I ended up compromising and once again turning east a block before the park. The hill was still tough, but not the monster from several blocks back. Off I went.

The rest of the run was pretty flat once I managed to get above the ridge separating Woodstock from East Moreland. I slowly trudged the last mile and was very happy to see my puppy’s expecting look at the window. She helped me stretch out by licking the sweat off of me. Great run! Next up an eight mile recovery. Or maybe less and then longer Sunday. 40 is still in the cards!

Muggiest 440 ever

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I got out relatively early this morning to beat the promised heat of the day. However I didn’t get up early enough to beat the humidity of the last several days. I started slowly on the way to the track but picked up my pace pretty well with the help of the King of Mambo – Perez Prado. By the time I got to the track I was feeling pretty warmed up. I trued to use my lap counter on my Garmin, which has always been sporadic in its proper functioning. I wonder if the high humidity had anything to do with it. But I did manage to capture my first lap: 1:47 at a 6.42 pace, .27 mi (outside lane though the Garmin are not supposed to be good at the track mileage wise). Halfway through my second lap I started to feel pretty pooped. About the same time, so did my watch. My third and fourth laps were progressively slower. I felt like I was swimming through the mugginess. I had originally intended to do six laps, but I settles for four. Considering I was ready to settle for 2, I did pretty good.

Leaving the track I just went the way I came in rather than through the reed campus. After a couple of blocks I walked for a bit until I hit the hill and then powered up it. I missed the light at Powell and had to happily wait for a walk signal. Through Creston Park I hit the stairs but that was it, time for another walk and some sharkies. I somehow managed to finish the run home without stopping. Phew.

I have been hydrating well today after the run. San Pelligrino really does the trick! Still I feel pretty well run out. I definitely feel like I got a good quality run in today. At the very least in terms of sweating.

440s + heat = cramps

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I got a late start to my day today. It was really nice out, sunny and warm. I say nice (and it is) just not so much for running. We have had a very cool and wet spring which I think is perfect for running. So this was my first real warm run (an not even that warm – 74) and of course I am on schedule for a quality run. So I headed for the track. At first I was unsure what I was going to do once I got there. I decided on 440 intervals with a 220 recovery jog. I knew it was going to be a rough one so I had lots of water and forced myself to drink sips throughout. I also had a pack of sport beans and they helped a bit as well. After the first couple of them I was really feeling it. I ended up doing six altogether (actually one of them was a 550 as I had started out of my recovery early and wanted to keep on pattern.) The final two were brutal and I slowed down a bit, I still felt ok. Tired and hot, but I had energy to keep going.

After the 440s I headed home which was another 2.5 miles. I took the canyon on the way back. With all the rain we have had the canyon is bursting with vegetation. As I was heading down a corridor of 5 foot high yellow blooming plants on either side of me I noticed a big blackberry vine across the path. Never one to pass up on a junior parkour moment, I picked up speed to hurdle it. A soon as I leapt my push-off leg totally cramped up for a few seconds. I figured this had to do with the heat and my exertion. Closer to home going through the park another obstacle was in my path, this time a discard kids bike. So of course I had to hurdle it. This time as soon as I left my feet on the jump both legs cramped up. I made it over the bike, but my landing was really awkward and I had a really tough time keeping upright. I wobbled along on my painful legs and after a few moments I was back to normal. It was an odd feeling as I normally don’t have an issue with cramping when running. I really think the heat and electrolyte loss was affecting me. I probably should have been more liberal with the running candy or had some replacement drink with me other than water.

Once I made it home I gobbled a whey protein bar which I think really helps is recovery for me if I eat it soon after I stop. I also have a big glass of G2 that I am slowly drinking in order to really take advantage of absorption. I’ll live, but that was a tough one. Just one of several lately. I think it would behoove me to get up an run earlier.

Full week of running

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

So far this week I have run every day. Today I went to the track to run 440s. When I first got there the place was empty, just like I like it. But it soon filled up with quite a good amount of folks. I wasn’t feeling all that energetic despite downing a gel as I got to the track. I was running a pretty good pace (sub 7 min miles) for the first several 440s which I separated with a recovery 220 that managed to get my HR down into the 140s. After five 440s I decided to call it a day and head home. As I ran through the Reed campus I decided to head to their pathway and add a couple more 440s in. So all in all I did seven of them today. I was greatly aided by some cool weather we have been having. Soon I am going to have to start getting up early again which won’t be a totally bad thing. I am making no promises for tomorrow, but a nice recovery run would be a perfect cap on the work week. Not sure what I am going to do for a long run this week. Maybe busing up to Duniway track and heading up the hill would be good.