Six days in a row

So it looks like I am doing everything wrong as far as increasing miles goes. I know I am only supposed to increase by 10% each week. Well this week it may end up being closer to 500%! This huge in crease is more a factor of how little I have run the previous two weeks, but I am also quickly approaching 40 miles for this week. If I make it a perfect running week and manage to eke out a seventh running day tomorrow (which I plan to do) then I will more than likely crest the 40 mark, I only need 4 more miles…
Despite increasing way more than I should have I feel great. No strains or overly tired muscles. No lack of desire to run. I am doing well! My pace all week has been relatively slow, maybe that’s why I feel as good as I do, or part of it anyway. I have also been able to stop eating at night for this time which also makes me feel good physically and mentally. Even the ms issues with my thigh seems to be abating somewhat or at least they are at the moment.

Fifth week of increased miles

Today’s nine miles took me over my goal of 36 miles for the week by a mile. I looked back and I think it has been five weeks so far of increasing my weekly miles by 10 percent each week. Next week will be a goal of breaking 40. I am going to hold off on doing my recent regular of a Monday long slow distance run. I’d like to get it back to weekends, possibly Sunday. It feels good to have a little break from the long ones. I am thinking 14 miles will be a good distance. I am basically going to start out with what I did last time but I won’t go up to the top of Tabor. I’ll instead brush up against the volcano and head to the river where I’ll pick up the Springwater trail to home. So I ramble,,,

Oh I forgot to mention in a previous post that I sort of saw Obama coming in by helicopter on his way to Intel. I didn’t realize it was him at the time, but it dawned on me later.

Today’s run was a little longer than I needed to do. I did my part to Keep Portland Weird by stopping to talk to a lady about a Toulouse goose that was honking loudly. I lectured her on the Toulouseness and the proper naming of the “Canada” Goose. Bird nerd.

I pushed my HR today to sort of make it a junk run day. But I thought that not doing my long run tomorrow, I’ll do a recovery run then. So today didn’t seem right for recovery, but I just did the track workout on Friday so a quality run seemed too much. So even though I call it a junk run it was still good in may respects. I felt like I got to push it a couple of times. But mostly kept it a steady fast at least for the first half. I didn’t drop under 9:15 until mile 5 when I was 15 secs faster. Now miles 6-9 were different stories, I was a lot slower climbing out of reed and Moreland.

28 miles in four days

And one of them was a 3 mile tempo run, fast and short. I finished the week right at a 10% increase from last week’s miles – 33.

Today I capped it off with a rainy long slow run. Last night as I was drifting I kept imagining my route and it was keeping me awake. What roads to take? Do I go to Larelhurst park? Springwater? I made it to the park taking the main paved trail rather than my usual dirt trails. I went by an old apartment I lived in, still looked the same. I never made it down to Springwater as I figured it too far. As I was coming off the slopes of Tabor towards the direction of the river and downtown I hit nine miles. Four and a quarter miles from my old business location or 7 by Springwater. Maybe next week I won’t go to the top of the volcano, good place to cut miles.

Going by the old office was interesting, I hadn’t been by there in over a year, maybe two. Building looked the same. The run back home from Flying I Ranch is 4 and a quarter. I used to do it twice a day when I trained for the Portland Marathon. It’s pretty tough on the way back as it is mostly all up from the river. I miss doing the two a days, I think I need to figure out a way to do that again.

I feel pretty good after the 13 and a quarter run, a good bit tired, but not wiped. I ate and hydrated after, so I was good there. I think it is time to lay down and watch an Eastwood western.